The budget rental package is a cheap, cost effective way of offering tanning equipment at super low prices, giving you the best possible start at the best possible price for opening a salon. The budget package only consists of certain tanning beds that are ideal and reliable for new businesses or businesses that want to add a sunbed without investing major money.

Our package does not tie you down to a twelve-month contract, there are no removal fees, nor any penalties should you wish to terminate the contract. We only ask that you keep the beds a minimum of three months. All tanning beds come with the very latest twist tubes of your choice other lamps are available on request.

Costings for Budget Package Beds:

Stand Ups

  • Tansun 48 Tube 2 mtr and 1.8 mtr
  • Aurora 60 Tube
  • Orbit 50 Tube

These stand ups are £29.99 per week plus VAT, which in total is £155.95 per calendar month

Lie Downs

  • Hapro Lumina
  • Serenity
  • Zenith

These lie downs are £29.99 per week plus VAT, which in total is £155.95 per calendar month


To get on of our budget packages we will require the following

  • Two forms of I.D, one photographic
  • Utility bill
  • Landlords details
  • Insurance to cover the unit
  • One month’s rent in advance per bed
  • Installation fee (£150 to £200 per bed depending on location)



  • When your tanning unit is due for retubing there is a cost of 50% to the client, this amounts to around £3.50 to £4.00 per tube depending on the lamp.
  • There is no set time on when you can retube, it is the clients responsibility to request a retube (As there will be a cost see above)
  • Posters and marketing material are free of charge



  • All repairs are free of charge, unless negligent damage has occurred.
  • We do not replace acrylics on lie down beds, this is the clients responsibility.
  • No other person or persons are allowed to maintain, fix or remove the tanning equipment.


Hapro Lumina

rental hapro

The Hapro Lie down is very pleasing on the eye and stylish to look at. It is one of the most popular lie downs in the tanning market, it offers excellent performance levels and is a very reliable tanning unit.

• 1.8 m lamps in canopy and base
• Comes with 3 high pressure facials or 3 sets of facial and leg tanners(spaghetti lamps)
• Head and leg fans
• Speaker system optional

Tansun Serenity


The Tansun Serenity is a compact lie down that has a plastic canopy and front covers to make it look stylish, it is a very good all round tanning machine, it has head and feet fans to give a cool breeze it is reliable, easy to maintain and fits in well to any tanning salon.

• 1.8m or 2m lamps in tanning unit
• Optional high pressure facials
• Head and leg fans
• Speaker system optional

Aurora Sunquest

Sunquest Aurora
This is the SunQuest Aurora

The Aurora is a 60 tube 225w vertical tanning unit, offering 25% more tubes than a standard vertical tanning unit. The tanning times on this vertical unit are restricted to 3, 6 and 9 minutes due to high output. The Aurora combines elegant looks, performance, and precision engineering to give the customer an outstanding tanning experience. Its high powered ceiling fan and body cool jet system offer superb cooling for customer comfort. The distinctive cooling system also ensures the lamp function at the optimal temperature giving maximum tanning performance.

Please note Pods are not available with this unit.

TanSun Symphony

Tansun symphony

The Symphony is a 48 tube 225w vertical tanning unit. The Symphony tanning unit has dual airflow system offering unparalleled cooling and excellent tanning results, the unique air flow system ensures lamps run at the optimum temperature for maximum tanning results. The ventilated floor also ensures the body cooling system works to give a cool and pleasant tanning experience.

Emergency stop
Unit fitted with grills
Excellent tanning performance
Easy to clean



The V3 is a 48 tube VTU it is available in both 2 mtr and 1.8 mtr for clients with low ceilings, it has an excellent cooling fan situated in the roof giving nice even breeze throughout the unit. The tanning unit has high gloss outer skins giving the machine a sleek look.

• Emergency stop
• Unit fitted with grills
• Available in many colours
• Excellent tanning performance
• Easy to clean