High Pressure Facial Lamps

American Leisure International supply all types of High Pressure Facial Lamps for every Vertical and Lie Down Tanning Unit.

With high pressure tanning lamps, you will see an immediate response with this specialist tanning exposure. High pressure tanning has long been recognized as a highly efficient means of achieving a rapid tan, with very little UVB and its accompanying erythema.

American Leisure offer a fantastic and comprehensive range of High Pressure Facial lamps.

Lamp Types


  • Double ended
  • Single ended
  • Lamps with wired leads
  • Stepped up porcelain ends
  • Knife socket ends
  • Pin socket ends
  • Plus many more…

American Leisure Starter

starterDesigned for energy, efficiency and optimum performance. The starter ignites all lamps within your sunbed instantly and has been created to help lower your overall energy consumption. It is compatible with any sunbed and ranges from 80w-225w (230-240v, 50/60 Hz).

High Pressure Facial Lamps

Code Description Wattage SOCKET
HP 1 Facial 250 GY 9.5
HP 2 Facial 400 R7’s
HP 3 Facial 500 R7’s
HP 4 Facial 300 – 500 GY 9.5
HP 5 Facial 500 – 1000 GY 9.5
HP 6 Facial 800 R7’s
HP 7 Facial 800 – 1000 GY 9.5
HP 8 Facial 1000 – 1400 Wired
HP 9 Facial 2000 Wired

(above is a selection of High Pressure Facial Lamps)

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