Top brands available, fully refurbished to highest standards, many models and brands available. The largest selection of reconditioned beds available in stock, ready to go.

Ergoline 700 Excellence

ergo 700 ERGOLINE 700 Excellence
• Body Tubes 51 x 160W
• High pressure facials 4 x 500W
• Shoulder Tanners 5 x 25w
• Power Consumption: 15kW
• Air conditioning
• Hot Air Extract
• Music system

The Ergoline 700 Excellence model with 51 UV lamps, 4 facial tanners and additional 5 25W shoulder tanners UV and filter glasses, provide an even more outstanding tanning result. The Ergoline 700 Excellence is available in different colours.

Ergoline 800

ergo 800 The Ergoline 800 Excellence comes in striking red metallic and Silver and features a body shaped base acrylic for excellent comfort. The model features air conditioning, Aquafresh, Cabin Fresh and Aroma Fresh for superb client comfort. Although visually quite similar to the 700, the 800 version comes fitted with a climatronic system for automatic comfort control.

This model features 51 powerful tanning tubes, 4 adjustable facial tanners and a head and shoulder tanner section with 13 spaghetti tubes making this sunbed a powerful unit ready to earn its keep and deliver superb tanning results for clients.

The Ergoline 800 has a built in stereo sound and a voice guide which are controlled from the heads up display in the canopy together with all the other functions of the sunbed. This sunbed is in immaculate condition and has done very low hours.

• 51 x 160 watt tubes
• 4 x 500 watt ultra facials
• 13 x 25 watt neck and shoulder tanner
• Bodysoft base acrylic
• Comfort cooling
• Air conditioning
• Stereo sound
• Aquafresh
• Aroma fresh
• Cabin fresh
• Voice guide
• IR function
• Cockpit display

Dimensions: 2350 x 1510mm. Height closed 1375. Height open 1830mm.

Power required: 12.8kw, 3 phase, 25amps per phase

Ergoline 990

ergo 990 This is exactly what we mean by luxury tanning. Promising you a tanning experience like never before, the Ergoline Prestige 990-S sunbed comes with 52 UV lamps, four facial tanners with high performance and additional UV-B lamps.

While the UV lamps make for a sumptuous tan, the facial tanning system with four high-pressure lamps, three low-pressure UV-B lamps and two high-performance shoulder tanners make sure you get the rich tanning results.

The Climatronic Plus adjusts the temperature to suit the liking of individuals and keep it constant throughout the tanning process. At the same time, Aqua Mist and Aroma take the relaxing experience to another level. The built-in 3D sound system with an MP3 dock and SD card slot adds to the enjoyment.

• Dynamic Power System
• 52 Eu-regulated Lamps (<0.3W/M2)
• 4 High Performance Facial Lamps
• Controlled Air Conditioning with Climatronic Plus
• Shoulder Tanning
• Aqua Fresh and Aroma Systems
• Extra Large Bed with Armrest & Adjustable Foot Rests
• 3D Sound System with MP3 Dock, Voice Guide & Auto Volume Control
• Cockpit Control with Large Illuminated Symbols

Megasun 4500

ms4500 The exclusive design embodied in all KBL sunbeds is combined with even greater ease in the KBL 4500. The ergonomically-designed bed surface with integrated headrest makes your tanning session more comfortable.

Fully refurbished
Available Colours: Blue / Silver
Includes brand new:
40 x 1.8m 160W tanning tubes.
3 x 400W facial lamps
Salon music

Open – Height: 1650mm – Width: 2280mm – Depth 1210mm
Closed – Height: 1240mm – Width: 2280mm – Depth 1210mm

MegaSun 5600

ms5600 MegaSun has achieved an overall appearance of quality with the 5600.
The independent, flowing design is the foundation for an entirely new future generation.

Fully refurbished
Available Colours: Silver or Blue.
Includes brand new:
42 x 1.8m 160W tanning tubes.
4 x 400W facial lamps.

Megasun 5600 also available with optional extras such as Shoulder tanners, new aroma, air conditioning and voice guide, these are at an extra cost

Height: 1800mm – Width: 2400mm – Depth 1440mm

MegaSun 6800

ms6800 (1) This is the MegaSun 6800 available to purchase from £6,750 plus VAT

The MegaSun 6800 sunbed: Tanning with power, relax in style, enjoy life. Get an attractive tan from head to toe.

•Open: 2,380mm x 1,430mm x 1,942 (length x width x height)
•Closed: 2,380mm x 1,430mm x 1,534 mm (length x width x height)

Also available for this sunbed:
•Optional extras
•Exhaust air duct
•Exhaust air hose (Ø 300mm, white, length 3m, 2 hose clamps)
•Thermostatic cabin temperature controlling
•Power Package (aquaCool, aircon, aroma)