About Us

About us

When it comes to tanning ECS Sunbeds are the tanning specialists, with over 25 year’s experience in the tanning industry. ECS Sunbeds are the largest, commercial tanning rental company in the UK. We specialise in rental, lease hire and the sale of new and reconditioned sunbeds. We are also one of the biggest suppliers of tanning lamps in the UK. We have a team of engineers that cover the whole of the UK, whether it’s repairs, servicing, re-tubes or bed installations, we are the sunbed specialists.


When it comes to renting a sunbed, ECS Sunbeds are the largest Commercial Sunbed Hire Company in the UK. With over 25 years experience renting and hiring sunbeds to sunbed shops, gyms, hair and beauty salons, hotels and leisure centres, ECS Sunbeds have the knowledge and experience to provide an unrivalled service. We are the only company that will rent brand new commercial stand ups by American Leisure along with Ergoline lie down sunbeds without signing a 2-3 year contract. We offer 2 packages when renting a sunbed we have a premium package for commercial lie downs and commercial stand up sunbeds and we also have a standard package for hiring a sunbed. With all our sunbed rental packages, we offer free servicing, repairs and we are the only company that offer free retubes on all our sunbed rental machines after 600 hour usage. All our sunbed rental lie downs are fully reconditioned sunbeds. Our stand up sunbeds are brand new. To see our Standard and Premium rental ranges click HERE

New and Reconditioned Sunbeds

When purchasing a new or reconditioned commercial sunbed, ECS Sunbeds are your perfect partner. We have the largest selection of recondition lie downs for sale and reconditioned stand up sunbeds for sale in the UK. We offer all the top branded sunbeds such as Ergoline, American Leisure and Megasun. When our sunbeds are being reconditioned, they are stripped down, cleaned and inspected for any defects. Any defects found are fixed and replaced with new parts. The sunbed is then put back together cleaned again and tested rigorously. Only when our engineers are satisfied everything is complete and working will they allow it to leave the workshop. This process can actually be seen in action if you visit our sunbed showroom. To see the New and reconditioned Lie Down sunbeds click HERE To see the New and reconditioned Stand Up sunbeds click HERE

Showroom / Warehouse

ECS Sunbeds have the largest sunbed showroom in the UK. We have over 20 machines, with brands such as Ergoline, American Leisure and Megasun, where you can actually see the sunbeds in full working condition. In our sunbed showroom you can see all the sunbeds for hire that we offer, along with fully reconditioned sunbeds for sale. We are also happy to show you our warehouse where you can see a range of sunbeds that are going through the reconditioning process. Customers are welcome to come and visit our fully operational showroom and warehouse to view our beds and tubes, and can even try out our tanning equipment here on site. Whilst you are visiting us we can advise you on your salon layout such as electrical specification, room sizes along with cubicle layout and any other questions or issues you may have in setting up your salon.

Tanning Lotions

If its tanning lotions you require, ECS offer a wide selection of lotions and many quality brands including Pro-Tan, Power Tan, Synergy, Emerald Bay, Super Tan, Its Delicious plus many, many more. We have a wide range of accessories available to professionally equip your salon, including T Max Systems, Token Metres, Ballasts, Starters, Lamp Holders and much more. Our helpful sales team will be able to assist you in finding whatever it is you require. You can have a look at our current Lotion Brochure HERE


ECS Sunbeds are the only company who cover the whole of the UK for servicing, re-tubing and repairs of all types of sunbeds. We can supply and fit tanning lamps in your sunbeds, whilst removing your old lamps totally free of charge, we carry the whole range of tanning lamps from American Leisure including starters and high pressure facials you can see the tanning lamps HERE. We then issue you with an 0.3 certificate once the job is complete. All our engineers are fully trained and provide an excellent customer service.


All sunbeds require an annual service, in fact, nowadays most councils insist on it. At ECS sunbeds, we specialise in servicing Ergoline, American Leisure and Megasun sunbeds. We provide an efficient and comprehensive check of your sunbed. While we service your sunbeds, if we discover any faults, we can quite easily complete the repair on site leaving your sunbed ready for use, we then issue you with an annual service certificate for your records. See more Here


ECS sunbeds are the only company that cover the whole of the UK for sunbed repairs. We carry most of the spare parts for all makes of sunbeds, however, we specialise in servicing Ergoline sunbeds. All of our technicians are fully trained on Ergoline, American Leisure and Megasun sunbeds. Usually, we can actually tell you what is wrong with the machine before we visit your salon. All sunbeds breakdown from time to time,

We also stock all sunbed acrylics including the body-moulded types for Ergoline sunbeds.

Always remember to use an experienced sunbed company when having your sunbed repaired, as we are sure some of you have experienced, it can be a very costly experience. Simply saying you can fix it is totally different from actually repairing it! Call the experts today on 0151 924 6344 … See more Here

“At ECS we do the Impossible however… Miracles do take a little longer”