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Are you looking to buy a sunbed? Do you want to purchase a sunbed but are not sure where to start? Then ECS Sunbeds are your first choice, we are the largest supplier of reconditioned Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds. These lie-down sunbeds are the best in their field for tanning. When buying a stand-up sunbed we offer the brand new American Leisure stand-up. Its reliability and tanning performance are unrivaled when buying a stand-up. Over 40% of tanning salons in the UK today have American Leisure stand-up sunbeds, and over 70% of tanning salons in the UK have Ergoline sunbeds, so this will give you an idea of what most people are looking for when opening a tanning salon.

New stand up sunbeds Buying a sunbed can be a daunting process however, with over 25 years of experience in the tanning industry, ECS Sunbeds are one of the top expert companies when it comes to supplying reconditioned Ergoline sunbeds. When buying a sunbed there are several ways to pay for it, we offer sunbed finance when you buy a reconditioned sunbed, we can also offer a rent-to-buy scheme, this is where you pay a large deposit and then take the remainder of 18 months max, there is no credit check.

When you buy a reconditioned sunbed you get your warranty, and ECS Sunbeds also offers the very first sunbed customer care plan for your sunbed, anyone buying a sunbed this is a must, it guarantees you a fixed call-out fee and a free service once a year, total peace of mind that assures you reconditioned sunbed is in safe hands, lots of salon owners used to buy a sunbed and then never service, clean or look after it, then are shocked at how much a sunbed engineer is to pop out and repair your bed, so now we’ve made this process as easy as possible for sunbed salon owners.

ECS Sunbeds has the largest sunbed showroom in the UK where you can see all the sunbeds for sale, we have the Ergoline Prestige range along with Megasun Sunbeds such as the p9 and the Megasun 7000. So if you’re looking to buy a sunbed then ECS Sunbeds are the perfect choice for you.

If you require any further information, then please contact us direct on 0151 924 6344 or you can send a message on the contact form Here.