Ergoline Sunbeds For Sale

We are the UK’s largest stockist of reconditioned and used Ergoline sunbeds. All our Ergolines are fully refurbished and are installed with new lamps. We offer different packages for purchase.

Visit our showroom today to view just some of the sunbeds we have on offer!

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Ergoline Lightvision

Ergoline 1600 Prestige

Ergoline 1400 Prestige

Ergoline 1100 Prestige

Ergoline 770 Esprite

Ergoline 990 Prestige

Ergoline 800 Excellence

Ergoline Sun Angel

Ergoline 660 Affinity

Ergoline 600 Evolution Premium Range

Ergoline 600 Affinity

Ergoline 600 Avantgarde

Ergoline 600 Inspiration

Ergoline 575 Affinity Premium Range

Ergoline 500 Evolution Premium Range

Ergoline 450 Inspiration Premium Range

Ergoline 400 Inspiration Premium Range

Ergoline 400 Advantage Mid Range

Ergoline Lounge