American Leisure Tanning Lamps

American Leisure are one of the largest tanning lamp brands in Europe. Our team of lamp technical developers have spent many years at the leading lamp and tube manufacturers and have now brought their expertise to the market.

Our range of lamps are unrivalled in performance and style, and we are leaders in developing new and exciting, innovative products.

Below you will find the most popular lamps in the range including the World's first Twist Lamps, which are the biggest selling lamps anywhere.

NEW FOR 2021... SMARTLITE a new concept in tanning!


SMARTLITE the Healthy Option for Tanning

Smartlite Exclusive Maxi Twist

Smartlite I-Brite Twist

Smartlite Blu Infinity Twist

Smartlite Lime Lite Twist

Smartlite Excellence

High Pressure Facials