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Cheap Sunbeds for Sale

Are you looking for cheap sunbeds for sale? Do you have a budget for buying sunbeds but can not seem to find a sunbed to purchase? Then ECS Sunbeds could be the perfect place for you! We are the largest supplier of fully reconditioned sunbeds in the UK and we have access to Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds, plus many more other brands of sunbeds.

When we sell a reconditioned sunbed, most people who buy from us are upgrading their tanning equipment, so we are always taking in part exchanges. These machines often sit in our storage warehouse and are used for spare parts etc. But, with the cost of living crisis and people wanting to open tanning salons and buy a sunbed, or they simply want to purchase a sunbed for an existing business to bring in some extra revenue and have a very limited budget, we have decided to recondition these sunbeds and offer them out as cheap sunbeds for sale.

Ergoline 400 Advantage SunbedWhen you buy a sunbed from us you will receive a brand-new set of tanning lamps along with a token meter to operate it. All our reconditioned sunbeds can be from many brands such as Zenith, Tansun, Sontegra, Sunquest, Luxura, plus many more. These sunbeds come with a parts-only warranty. Buying a cheap sunbed does not mean that you get less of a tanning performance – most sunbeds are 160w standard and those that are not will be upgraded to 160w so, you will get that perfect all-over tan.

We also have different schemes when it comes to paying for your sunbed, we have a fabulous scheme called “Rent to Buy” where you pay a deposit and then take the remainder of the balance over 18 months. There are no credit checks and no interest on your payments. It’s a great way to get cheap sunbeds for your business. ECS Sunbeds have also launched the very first Sunbed Care Plan. This sunbed maintenance plan covers all sunbeds around the UK. It gives you direct access to our fitters should you have a problem with your tanning equipment, it also guarantees a fixed call-out charge to your sunbed, it also gives you great discounts on Tanning Lamps, Sunbed Acrylics, Sunbed Tanning Lotion packages plus much more, simply click on the links above to see what it offers you. If you would like more information then simply call 0151 924 6344