Do You Need Sunbed Tubes In Belfast

Sunbed Tubes In BelfastYou will need sunbed tubes in Belfast if you own sunbeds. Sunbed tubes or lamps are basically the lamps that provide the energy to tan your skin while you’re on a sunbed. Depending on whether you’re in a lie-down sunbed or in a vertical tanning unit, the number of sunbed tubes in your unit will vary. Over time as they get used, sunbed tubes will need to be replaced. All tanning beds are required to follow a certain set of regulations when it comes to their tubes and with your tanning bed, you need to keep those regulations in mind, especially if you’re allowing other people to use it.

Tanning centres in Belfast require sunbed tubes on a regular basis simply because they have a larger flow of customers. Like your fluorescent tubes and light bulbs, these sunbed tubes also have a lifespan before they burn out. When that happens, a tanning centre needs to ensure that every single sunbed tube that’s used to replace a burnt out sunbed is as per the latest European Standard regulations for UV radiations. Using the wrong sunbed tubes with higher ratings than is recommended can lead to severe burns and serious health issues.

If you need sunbed tubes in Belfast, all you need to do is give a reputed tanning sunbed tube provider, like ECS Sunbeds & Leisure, a call. As a company that sells and rents out hundreds of sunbeds on a regular basis, they have a massive inventory of sunbed tubes. Each sunbed tube is guaranteed to be within the applicable norms for sunbed tubes in the UK and you will never run into any kinds of issues with ECS Sunbeds & Leisure’s supply of sunbed tubes. If you have a tanning centre or have a personal tanning unit that requires new sunbed tubes, feel free to contact ECS Sunbeds & Leisure today for more information and fast efficient service.

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