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Ergoline 600 Evolution

Are you looking for a fantastic sunbed for your salon or are you thinking of renting a commercial sunbed for your salon? Then ECS Sunbeds have the perfect answer for you. We are the largest sunbed rental company in the UK, we specialise in hiring Ergoline to lie down sunbeds and we are also the largest seller of fully-reconditioned sunbeds.

Ergoline 600 EvolutionWe have a fantastic-looking sunbed to offer it is the Ergoline 600 Evolution. This sunbed has an amazing appearance and is sought after due to its optional features and size. The Ergoline 600 Evolution is an upgrade from its sister sunbed the Ergoline 500 Evolution. The Ergoline 600 Evolution has a fading display light show on the top of the canopy, making it instantly glow and giving the sunbed the “Wow” factor. The Ergoline 600 has over 40 160w tanning lamps along with 500w high-pressure facial lamps. The 600 Evolution also contains some additional options such as shoulder tanners and in some cases, the sunbed has Aqua. The tanning performance of the 600 Evolution is amazing. The sunbed is a mid-size sunbed and is perfect for almost any sunbed cubicle, or if you have a spare room in your hair or beauty salon and you want to increase your turnover, you can bring something new to your salon.

The 600 Evolution is available to hire from ECS Sunbeds. When renting an Ergoline sunbed from ECS, all the repairs, servicing, and retubes are free, the saving on a retube alone is around £500 every time. When renting the 600 Evolution or any sunbed from ECS Sunbeds we always place tanning lamps with 800 hours lifespan into the machine, however, we re-tube at 600 hours so your clients will always have lamps that will not deteriorate and will always provide them with the best possible tan. At ECS Sunbeds we have the largest fully-fitted sunbed showroom where you can call in and see all the Ergoline sunbeds along with the American Leisure stand ups all working and ready to go. Whenever you are purchasing or hiring a sunbed, we always recommend you come and see what you are getting, You never know… you may see other machines you would like.

For more information just call 0151 924 6344 or send a message via our contact form here.