Here are some of the common questions we are asked by customers buying or renting a sunbed from us…

Q:- How many beds can I have on rental?
A:- As a rule, we can supply you a maximum of 3 beds, this can be a mixture of stand-ups and lie-downs.
Q:- Can I add more sunbeds to this?
A:- Once you are up and running, for 3 months or more, and there have not been any issues with payments etc, we can look to add a fourth. However, a bond will be required.
Q:- How much is it to rent a sunbed?
A:- We offer 2 packages:
  • Premium sunbed package at £210 per month plus vat per sunbed.
  • Standard sunbed package at £179 per month plus vat per sunbed.
Q:- What is the difference between the two packages?
A:- The difference is the size of the sunbeds. On a premium rental package, the sunbeds are larger.
Q:- Is there an installation fee?
A:- Yes, there is an installation fee. The Cost is dependent on location, access, and floor level {i.e., upstairs}.
Q:- Is a deposit required?
A:- No. ECS do not take deposits.
Q:- Do I have to make any up-front payments?
A:- Yes. We require 1 month’s rental payment up-front along with the install fee. There will be, in some cases, a removal fee – so always check first.
Q:- How do I pay my monthly rental fee?
A:- All rental payments must be made by standing order every 28 days.
Q:- Who does the repairs on rental sunbeds?
A:- ECS do all the repairs, servicing and re-tubes totally free for all their rental sunbeds, unless the sunbed was damaged due to neglect, poor ventilation or client damage.
Q:- Are the acrylics covered by ECS on a rental sunbed?
A:- No. If an acrylic is damaged it is the client’s responsibility to replace it, all acrylics must be ordered through ECS.
Q:- Once I have ordered my sunbeds, can I cancel?
A:- You can cancel your order at anytime prior to install. However, all monies paid are non-refundable.
Q:- How long are rental contracts?
A:- All rental contracts are 12 months long. Thereafter, the contract is based on a rolling 28-day contract. After the initial 12 months of your contract, you can cancel your contract with a simple 28-day notice to us by email.
Q:- Can I give my beds back before the initial 12 months?
A:- Yes, however there will be a cancellation charge.
Q:- Can I buy my sunbeds during the rental period?
A:- Yes, if you wish to purchase your sunbeds during the rental period, we can arrange this for you. However, we would not discount the rent you have paid off the price of the sunbed.
Q:- Can you help with room size, ventilation, and electrical specifications?
A:- Yes. Our sales team have all the relative information to guide you from start to finish.
Q:- Will I receive training on how to use the sunbed, how to clean it and how to change the tanning tubes when required?
A:- Yes. Full training is given on install along with how to clean your tanning machines, plus how to change a tanning tube that’s gone out.If you have a question that is not included above, then simply ask.

Of course, if you have your own question you would like us to answer, then just give us a call on 0151 924 6344 or use the contact form HERE