Get the Perfect Tan with Blu Infinity Twist

If you are looking for the newest and effective sunbed tubes, then the Blu Infinity Twist might be what you are looking for. A tanning bed or sunbed is only as good as its tubes (also known as lamps). If you notice that the sunbed you have at your tanning salon does not seem to be working as well as it used to (or you notice that it takes a little longer to get the same outcome within a shorter amount of time) there is a strong chance that your sunbed tubes are beginning to fade out. Tanning tube lights are known for having a relatively long lifespan; as a matter of fact, tube lights seldom die out totally. But as time goes on, you will notice that it takes longer to get results, and by that time, you will need to consider replacing the tube lights in your tanning unit.

You can replace a standard dull tube lights that come with most tanning units with the Blu Infinity Twist tube lights supplied and installed by ECS Sunbeds & Leisure. These electric blue tubes are the latest technology in tanning. Indoor tanning replacements tubes vary in effectiveness. It would amaze you at the difference between one brand of tube lights and another. So it is important that you choose the best brand. ECS Sunbeds & Leisure does not only supply top quality tubes for sunbeds, this company also offer top quality sunbed repair and maintenance service to those who own tanning equipment.

You will be happy to know that the Blu Infinity Twist brochure is available for download at ECS Sunbeds & Leisure website. ECS also offers sunbed rental throughout the UK and Ireland. You will also be happy to know that ECS boasts of qualified and well trained engineers who are committed to effectively handling every model of tanning equipment. You can count on ECS for technical support seven days a week. You can check out this company’s operational warehouse where you can try out its sunbeds and tanning equipment.

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