Hire a Sunbed in Middlesbrough

Why not hire a sunbed in Middlesbrough to get a glowing tan? If his is what you would like to do, then the company you should look into is ECS Sunbeds. They are a reliable company with 20 years of experience renting out and selling sunbeds. ECS Sunbeds specialises in the supply and maintenance of tanning materials to a number of hotels, salons and health clubs throughout the UK. The company is well-known for providing only quality services and sunbeds and excellent maintenance services.

In Middlesbrough, hire a sunbed from the largest commercial sunbed hire company in the UK.  If you are wondering, it is an easy and straightforward process.   All that will be required of you is one photographic ID, one utility ID, credit reference from the bank, and your landlord’s name and working contact details. Once you have provided these details, you will receive the sunbed. If you are concerned about setting up the sunbed, ECS Sunbeds are happy to set it for you, as they provide help, guidance and free technical support 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  What is interesting to know is that they are the only company in the UK that offers free re-tubes and servicing on all rental beds, an excellent service, saving you money.  Pay their fully operational warehouse to view the beds and tubes, and can perhaps try out the tanning equipment on site.   ECS Sunbeds also provides sunbeds for purchase. Their payment plan is convenient and hassle free, paying at the end of every month until the end of the term has been reached.

If you want to hire a sunbed in Middlesbrough, ECS Sunbeds is the company to go to for an excellent deal and service. They have earned an excellent reputation for their services, products and customer service. They also provide the best lamps on the market and their equipment is maintained to the highest level. If you would like to know how to hire a sunbed, contact ECS Sunbeds.

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