Hire a Sunbed in Newport

Hire a Sunbed in NewportCustomers are always on the lookout to hire a sunbed in Newport for various reasons. Some of them want to place sunbeds in their salon. If you ever need a sunbed, you can be sure to find the best ones at ECS Sunbeds & Leisure, a company dedicated to carrying the best brands and latest models. Should you wish to enquire whether the company offers lease finances you will be pleased to find out that they do.

For customers in Newport, you can hire a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds & Leisure. There is no fuss, we will deliver the sunbed to your door if that is what you wish. Recently, there was a query regarding replacement lamps, which are also often called sunbed tubes, the customer was wondering whether they could get the best quality lamps at ECS Sunbeds & Leisure in case they would need them. You can rest assured that you would find a wide range and variety of the best lamps here. In fact, they are one of UK’s largest lamp distributors and you can contact them if you want to find the best quality lamps. When you decide to hire sunbeds from them, including VTU’s (Vertical Tanning Unit) which are stand up tanning units, you will receive a bespoke fitting service. The package will include site visit, fitting and intallation to the best of standards.

If you have any further questions regarding the steps to be taken when you hire a sunbed in Newport, you can call the friendly staff members. Please note that they also rent out sunbeds for short periods of time such as one month and summer is right around the corner. Give ECS Sunbeds & Leisure a call today so that you can have a marvellous tan!

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