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Hire or Buy an American Leisure Stand Up Sunbed

Should you hire a stand-up sunbed or buy a stand-up sunbed, well, what are the advantages of renting a vertical sunbed? Renting a VTU (vertical tanning unit} gives you peace of mind that you are renting the most up-to-date tanning equipment on the market.

American Leisure Stand Up Sunbed

At ECS Sunbeds, we rent brand-new stand-up sunbeds, which gives you an advantage over your competitors who probably have stand-ups that are 20 years old. By renting from ECS Sunbeds you will receive Free repairs, Free servicing and we are the only company that will retube your sunbed free of charge after 600 hours of usage. This free retube saves you around £500 per retube,

All of our rental stand-ups come with token meters and tokens to operate them and a brand-new set of American Leisure lamps.  The American Leisure stand up has been designed to operate in a busy salon taking on the rigors of day-to-day usage. The American Leisure stand-up has been designed to fit in very small compact sizes and also comes in two sizes so even if you have a low ceiling, we can accommodate you.

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your stand-up sunbed, American Leisure has made it a really simple task. There is a cleaning plate in the centre of the stand-up that is removable and allows you to clean under the bed to allow the airflow to be uninterrupted. The stand-up also has grills that are easily removable allowing you to wipe down your lamps and clean underneath the lamps, no other stand-up sunbed on the market has a cleaning plate for under-the-sunbed access. When renting a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds, we will train you and your staff on how to use it and how to change lamps. Nowadays, councils are wanting salon owners to be competent when it comes to opening a sunbed shop.

So for one simple monthly rental payment, all your needs are taken care of,  if it’s a stand-up sunbed you’re looking to rent then ECS Sunbeds has to be your first choice. For more information simply call us at 0151 924 6344 or message us through the contact page here.