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How to Buy a Commercial Sunbed

Thinking of buying a sunbed? then ECS Sunbeds is the place for you. We are the largest supplier of fully reconditioned sunbeds. We offer reconditioned Ergoline sunbeds along with Megasun sunbeds all fully refurbished, for stand-ups we have the American Leisure stand up both new and reconditioned. So, what are the advantages of owning your sunbed? Firstly, there are no monthly outgoings, so every penny you take is yours, so it will help with cash flow in those rare weeks when tanning tails off.


Secondly, when buying an Ergoline sunbed for instance, you can obtain a much higher specification Ergoline sunbed than if you were to rent, such as the prestige range or the Ergoline Lightvision range. These sunbeds could never be available for rental simply as it’s not cost-effective for rental companies… even ECS. When you purchase sunbeds, they become an asset of your company, therefore increasing the value of your business. If you were to hire a sunbed these are not an asset to your business so not increase the value.

If you take sunbed finance out to pay for your sunbeds, this also can be a major benefit. OK, you will have a monthly outgoing but in most instances, the repayment terms and period over which the sunbed finance is taken over is far cheaper than renting a sunbed. ECS Sunbeds offer sunbed finance on both new and reconditioned sunbeds, most companies can only offer finance on new sunbeds for sale.

So what other advantages are available to buy a sunbed? Well, with ECS Sunbeds you get a warranty, and we also offer extended warranties which give you peace of mind that in the event of a breakdown you are covered. All our technicians are fully trained Ergoline sunbed engineers along with Megasun sunbeds and American Leisure sunbeds. Our technicians have been constantly trained on repairs, servicing, and installing sunbeds so when it comes to Ergoline, and Megasun sunbeds we are the experts.

Our dedicated sales team will be able to help you with room size, ventilation, and electric specification issues, our sales team have had years of experience planning salons and dealing with floor plans. Even for those clients who want sunbeds taken upstairs, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

ECS Sunbeds have the largest sunbed showroom in the UK where you can visit us and view all ranges of sunbeds such as Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun, and American Leisure stand-ups. We would always recommend where possible, to visit and see what sunbed you are buying. Many people buy sunbeds from pictures or WhatsApp images, or even on eBay. Please remember the top manufacturers don’t advertise on eBay and they always recommend you visit our showroom and see, touch and try to see if you like what you are buying. Buying a sunbed is a big investment in some instances they can sell for over £20,000, even for a reconditioned sunbed, so if you’re wanting to purchase a sunbed then ECS Sunbeds is truly your first choice

To find out more about how to buy a commercial sunbed just call 0151 924 6344 or leave a message on our contact page here