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How to set up a tanning salon

Do you know how to set up a tanning salon the bronzed tanned look is very popular many people think that a tanned body looks healthier many aspire to the just back from my summer holiday look with the dreadful weather in the UK it is not easy to cultivate a tan to have a bronzed body all year round a sunbed is a necessity with so many people wishing to have a nice tan it presents a good business opportunity this does not have to mean a specialised tanning salon although this can be a very profitable venture it can also mean putting a sunbed in your guesthouse or in the sports club or the university residence if you dream of owning a tanning salon how to set up could be worrying you ECS is your answer ECS is the largest commercial sunbed rental company in the united kingdom they supply beds accessories and parts throughout the country their support and service team is available every day of the week and they will promptly address your problems they have many different models and brands available to suit all requirements most importantly there are a number of different finance options from which to choose when you are setting up a business you need to keep your overheads down buying a machine outright requires a significant capital outlay with ECS there are a number of available options even a budget rental option with the budget rental option you don t have to commit yourself to a long contract you can hire the sunbeds for as little as 3 months for a low rental amount and a small installation fee this is the perfect arrangement for a start-up business how to set up a tanning salon has never been easier than with ECS contact ECS sunbeds today to learn more about their budget rental options for setting up a tanning salon they also have other options such as outright buy profit share and rent to buy schemes a consultant in their dedicated sales team will be happy to answer all your questions your dream can become a reality with ECS.