Megasun P9 New and Reconditioned Megasun Sunbeds to Buy

Megasun P9

Lamp Specification

18 x 200 W Pure Sunlight
8 x 200 W Smart Sunlight
3 x Extrasun 8w Facials
4 x Sunsphere Facials
2 x Extrasun 8w Shoulders
40 x Beauty Booster

16 x 200 W Pure Sunlight
8 x 200 W Smart Sunlight

Are you looking to Buy a Lay Down Sunbed?

Are you looking for sunbeds for sale? Not sure which sunbed for sale is the correct one for you? Do you have lots of questions that nobody can answer and it's leaving you scratching your head? Then ECS Sunbeds are the perfect answer for you. ECS is the largest supplier of used sunbeds for sale, we specialise in fully reconditioned sunbeds for sale. We stock brand new sunbeds for sale from all the top brands such as Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds, and for stand-ups, we stock the American Leisure V48 and V60 stand-up sunbeds. All our sunbeds come with brand-new lamps, a token meter, and tokens to operate them. All of our sunbeds are covered with a warranty giving you peace of mind that in the event of a breakdown your sunbed is covered.
Ergoline 800 ExcellenceWhen your warranty runs out, we offer a sunbed care plan, this is the first sunbed maintenance plan ever that covers all sunbeds across the UK. Whether you have purchased the sunbed from us or not. When looking for sunbeds for sale, you should always try to use a reputable company. It’s a big decision for you to make and you are paying a lot of money! When buying a sunbed, always look around and speak to other companies. ECS Sunbeds have the largest sunbed showroom in the UK, it is a 4000 square foot showroom that was purposely built for sunbeds for sale and sunbeds to hire. It is the only sunbed showroom you can visit and see all the sunbeds ranging from an Ergoline Inspiration, Ergoline Prestige, Megasun 7900 plus many more. We have a range of stand-up sunbeds from American Leisure such as the V48 and the V60, these stand up sunbeds are the most sought-after in the UK, they are designed for the rigors of a busy salon along with the reliable and tanning performance make these stand-ups high in demand.

While you are looking to buy a sunbed, it is worth mentioning that we also stock all the sunbed lotions and potions as well as all the sunbed accessories you will need, such as goggles, stationary cards floor mats, sunbed sanitiser to name only a few. All of our sales team are extremely well trained and have been doing this work for many, many, many years, They have all the answers to any questions you may have i.e., room size, electrical specifications, ventilation, etc, you will not find another sunbed company who will go to the lengths we do when it comes to guidance. So if your looking for sunbeds for sale then call us today and start your journey on 0151 924 6344.