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Rental Terms

At ECS we make renting sunbeds easy. We are proud to offer brand new American Leisure stand ups on a rental basis, these beds are manufactured here in the U.K. American Leisure tanning equipment are now offered on a minimum 6 month contract, saving you the need to sign up for years.

With our rental package you will receive

Free Repairs • Free Servicing & Free Re-Tubes (after 600 hours usage)

We are the only sunbed rental company to offer free re-tubes, this saves you around £450 each re-tube, changing pods are also available.

With our rental equipment, you can choose one of our exclusive outer-wraps or you can have the option of your own design, all equipment comes with new lamps.

Our rental contracts are for 6 months thereafter it goes onto a rolling 28 day contract, there is an install fee plus one months rent in advance, we also require the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of home utility bills
  • Landlords details
  • Copy of insurance covering the tanning equipment

Rental Price From: £179 per month plus VAT

Purchase Information

As well as rental, we can also offer the American Leisure Stand ups on many different purchase options.

Finance option

Cost of stand up £3495 +vat

Over 3 years typical example: £146.40 per month (with one month payment as deposit)

Rent to Buy option

A rent to buy option is a package offered by ECS direct , there is an agreeable deposit to pay with the remainder of the balance taken upto a maximum of 18 months. There is no credit check, however there is a legal contract to sign. After the final payment, the unit is yours. There are no hidden fees nor a one-off payment at the end.

Cost of American Leisure Tanning Equipment:

24 Tube semi-commercial Purchase Price: £1995 plus VAT

48 Tube Purchase Price: £3495 plus VAT

60 Tube Purchase Price: £3995 plus VAT

Lamp Specification

24 tube semi-commercial stand up consists of 24 - 1.8m lamps

48 tube commercial stand up consists of either 48 - 2m lamps

We also offer a 48 tube commercial stand up with 48 - 1.8m lamps (for clients with restricted ceiling height - ask for details)

60 tube commercial stand up consists of 60 - 2m lamps

Available Options

Graphic wrap / plain wrap (Standard)

LED door panel (optional)

Bluetooth (optional)

Bespoke design available (optional)

Grills / Acrylics (Standard)

Music (Standard)

Coloured interior light (Standard)

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