Brown Sugar Collection

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Brown Sugar Collection


Original Dark Tanning Lotion with Warming Tingle

The bronzer that started it all - fuses our exclusive Hot Formula and our signature blend of bronzers, making this lotion a smart addition for the beginner to advanced tanner's routine. Contains CoQ10 Complex, 10 bronzers and a BioTanning Complex (DHA free).

Fragrance: Brown Sugar

Special Dark Brown Sugar

Tingle-Free Dark Tanning Lotion

Enhanced with our exclusive Bronzing Complex, Special Brown Sugar Tingle-Free contains CoQ10 Complex, BioTanning Complex, and 10 bronzers (DHA free). The perfect choice for either the beginner or advanced tanner.

Fragrance: Vanilla Caramel

Golden Brown Sugar

Advanced Step 2 Tanning Lotion

This advanced step 2 lotion takes the sweetest ingredients and crafts the perfect recipe for your finest tanning experience. Double Dark Sugar Cane Extract is blended with an exclusive Brown Sugar Tanning Complex for the colour that every beginner tanner craves, and every advanced tanner demands.

Fragrance: Golden Orange Cream

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