Smartlite Excellence

Designed for energy efficiency and optimum performance.

American Leisure Smartlite Excellence 0.3

This stunning range of 0.3 lamp, produces a beautiful deep, dark and long lasting tan that continuously develops after each tanning session. The lamps high grade phosphor and glass quality along with the latest patented tanning technology guarantees premium tanning results.

With this lamp series, different skin types (II-IV) develop an instant and long lasting DELUXE tan. The two main tanning factors – the fast immediate pigmentation and the long lasting tan – are ideally matched. Thus, when used correctly, American Leisure Excellence lamps provide a plus of 10% or more tanning effect compared to other similar tanning lamps.

The advantages of the Excellence range

  • maximum tanning effect also in 0.3
  • fast instant and long lasting tan
  • high quality phosphor for “DELUXE” tanning complexion
  • comparatively short tanning time
  • ideal tanning effect for all users (whether fair-skinned, untanned or pre-tanned)
  • intensified tan with repeated use


The Excellence range of lamps shine bright with even more instant tanning effect giving a “GOLDEN TAN” by new phosphor mix and an optimised reflector. In addition, it offers all the proven product benefits of the American Leisure range of lamps.

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