Rent a Sunbed in Cardiff

Rent a Sunbed in CardiffRent a sunbed in Cardiff and get that perfect tan! Most of us are fed up of pasty and pale complexions and long for a bronzed tan. What better way to feel confident and attractive than to sport a perfectly bronzed body? Getting a tan is not always simple! You either have to visit a tanning salon (which can prove to be expensive) or you would have to book yourself to some exotic, sunny destination (which is even more expensive). The good news is that you can now buy or rent yourself a great sunbed and get a tan right in your own salon! ECS Sunbeds and Leisure are happy to rent out their high quality sunbeds at reasonable prices. What’s more they have a lease-finance scheme available for those who wish to avail of a more flexible payment option. How do you get that picture-perfect tan? Make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly in order to sport an even tan. For those who wish to wax or shave, do it at least 24 hours before tanning.

Tan lovers in Cardiff can rent a sunbed from a top supplier like ECS Sunbeds and Leisure. If you wish to avoid skin contact with your tanning bed, opt for the VTU (Vertical Standing Unit) instead. Whatever your preference, simply ask the courteous staff at ECS Sunbeds and Leisure for product updates. Continuing on with tanning tips, apply moisturizer liberally all over your feet, hands, elbows, knees and legs. Dry skin often results in a patchy tan so ensure that you moisturise adequately just before tanning.

You can rent a sunbed in Cardiff from ECS Sunbed and Leisure all year through. Wear loose, dark clothing to allow your tan to settle. Tight fitting clothes tend to create a patchy tan. In addition to sunbeds, you can also buy branded sunbed tubes (businesses refer to them as lamps) from ECS. Interested in renting a sunbed? Contact ECs Sunbeds and Leisure to find out more about renting a sunbed for your perfect tan.

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