Rent a Sunbed in Essex

Rent a sunbed in Essex at an affordable price. We have a number of financial plans that will allow you to rent a sunbed for your salon. As your salon grows you may find that just one sunbed is not enough. There are a few different types of sunbed and one of the most popular is the vertical tanning booth. This gives a quicker and more complete tan. The horizontal beds can leave an uneven tan due to the pressure of the body on the bed. The vertical machines are far easier to keep clean as the client’s body never touches any surface on the sunbed. Some customers may not want to stand during their tanning treatment and this is where the horizontal bed is preferred.

When you need new equipment for your salon in Essex, rent a sunbed and see your profits soar. It may pay you to have both horizontal and vertical sunbeds on offer and the customer can choose which one they prefer. The health benefits of sunbeds are that they offer a dose of vitamin D which is essential to well being. Even in the summer months many clients cannot spend the required length of time outdoors. The sunbed can make sure that they are tanned and healthy throughout the year. Rent one of each type and see your business grow.

Rent a sunbed in Essex to offer your clients more luxury and pampering. Contact ECS Sunbeds today and discuss your needs with our helpful and knowledgeable staff. We have over 20 years of experience in the tanning industry and are the largest commercial sunbed hire company in the UK. We are the only company that offers free tube replacement and servicing on all rental beds. We have a number of models and brands available. These can be new or reconditioned according to your budget. We have a number of financial plans to suit every pocket. We offer rentals, outright purchase, profit share and rent to buy schemes.

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