Rent a Sunbed in Leeds

Rent a Sunbed in LeedsWant to flaunt a tan this summer and looking to rent a sunbed in Leeds? No one wants to expose a sickly-white bod on the beach and not all of us have the time to visit a salon, and neither may we have the inclination to try a bottle tan! Renting a sunbed is the best solution. All you need to do is short-list a few good companies who offer sunbeds on lease or rent and then ask the right questions. If you’re short of space, a stand-up or vertical tanning unit (VTU) is ideal. You need to have a relatively large room, at least 6×8 feet for horizontal sunbeds, and at least 7ft in height if you have VTUs.

In Leeds, rent a sunbed offers may either be on a long lease or on a monthly rental basis. Most of the good companies may offer attractive lease-finance terms too. You can enter into a long or short term contract with the company and they will supply as many units as required, provided you comply with the civic regulations. While installing sunbeds, good cross-ventilation is required unless you’re using individual enclosed cubicles. For three or more units, you will require three-phase electricity

When you’re planning to rent a sunbed in Leeds, select a reputed company like ECS Sunbeds & Leisure who can offer a range of products. Another issue with maintenance of sunbeds concerns the sunbed tubes or “lamps” as they’re called in the business. The newer and more efficient the lamp, the better it works on your tan. Sunbed lamps need to be replaced after the specified number of hours, otherwise they do not perform well. However, there are some salons which do keep older lamps specifically for those with sensitive skin or for older people whose skin cannot take too much exposure to UV rays. Modern sunbeds come with music systems, spot tanning for face, shoulders and legs. Renting a sunbed is easy if you contact ECS Sunbeds.

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