Rental Sunbed Hire in North Wales

We had a customer call about rental sunbed hire in North Wales.

She owned a hair and nail salon and thought she might want to expand into sunless tanning. Some of her customers told her that having a tanning bed on site would be a convenience to them. ECS Sunbeds enjoys talking to people new to the tanning bed business. We have over twenty years of experience so we know how sunless tanning has evolved over time. We have learned which brands are superior. The trusted American Leisure distributes all ECS Sunbeds. Our company is an authorised distributor of KBL MegaSun products. We provide sales and service for well-known hotels and salons.

After talking with the salon owner for a bit we determined that for her purposes in North Wales, rental sunbed hire from ECS Sunbeds would be a good start. We looked at her location to see how much room she had and figured we could comfortably fit one lie down and one standing sun bed in the space available. Using the rental sunbeds is more economical for her until she sees how much business she can draw. The rental sunbeds are refurbished to like new condition. For every rental, ECS Sunbeds installs new bulbs. The contract includes quarterly maintenance to the sunbeds to keep them looking good and working.

For rental sunbed hire in North Wales, we can supply lotions, goggles and safety posters as well as changing pods. Our customer is happy with her new salon addition and all indications are it will be profitable. She has a good crossover customer base for her services. If for any reason, our salon owner wants to remove the tanning beds, ECS will do that at no charge. The contract is broken with just a 28-day notice. On the other hand, if she decides to buy newer state of the art sun beds, she will benefit from the experience ECS has as she chooses the style and quantity suitable to her needs. ECS Sunbeds is a full service company. We rent and sell top quality sunbeds. Our team does the installation and maintenance. We enjoy sharing in our customers new ventures.

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