Renting a Sunbed in Blackpool

Renting a Sunbed in BlackpoolRenting a sunbed in Blackpool is now a smooth, hassle-free and affordable process. The harsh UK winters often leave us missing the sunshine and warmth for months at a time! The good news is that you need not miss out on getting a tan in the absence of the warm sunlight. Sunbeds are designed to give you an enviable whole-body tan even in the cold winter months or during any time of the year. Where can one buy a high quality sunbed in Blackpool? If you’re not interested to buy one, ECS Sunbeds & Leisure are more than happy to rent you a sunbed instead. With over 20 years experience in the field, ECS is delighted to offer their clients the twin options of buying or leasing sunbeds. If the price is too steep, customers can also request details on their flexible lease-finance option.

In Blackpool, renting a sunbed is as easy as contacting a top local firm. ECS Sunbeds and Leisure are proud to use their extensive network of skilled engineers to offer you the best service. Customers are guaranteed top-notch equipment and a full-fledged fitting service; you don’t have to worry about anything! Moreover, you have the option of investing in re-conditioned as well as vertical tanning units (also referred to as VTU). A VTU is a stand-up sunbed that works well for those who wish to avoid skin contact with the bed surface.

Before renting a sunbed in Blackpool, explore and understand the different models and options available. In addition, you can also ask for replacement sunbed tubes at ECS. Here’s an extra tip to get the most of your tanning session: Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before tanning; this helps remove dead skin and will help preserve your tan for a longer period. Contact ECS Sunbeds and find out how you can benefit from a year round tan.

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