Service, Retube and Repairs

Sunbed Servicing, Re-tubes and Repairs


Service and Repairs

Do you have a sunbed that needs repairing? Do you have a sunbed with a cracked or fizzed sunbed acrylic that needs replacing? Then ECS sunbeds can help. We are the UK’s largest sunbed maintenance and repair company covering the whole of the UK. When it comes to sunbed repairs and sunbed maintenance, we specialise in Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds and Luxura sunbeds. We also undertake sunbed repairs on all makes and models of sunbeds, no matter what age. We carry all major parts for sunbeds including main boards, sunbed fan boards and many other PCBs that operate a sunbed. ECS cover all over the UK, Scotland and Wales.

Sunbed Engineer

Are you looking for a Sunbed Engineer? Have you tried lots of sunbed engineers but don’t seem to be able to get a problem fixed with your sunbed? Are you fed up with paying money time after time for sunbed repairs, only for your sunbed not to be fixed? Then ECS Sunbeds are the answer. All our sunbed engineers are fully trained on sunbeds and have been fixing sunbeds for well over 20 years. our sunbed engineers are trained on the Best Sunbeds such as American Leisure Stand-up sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds, Ergoline sunbeds and Luxura sunbeds. We also repair Tansun, Sunquest, Sontegra, and almost every other make of sunbed too. Sunbed repairs are not an easy thing, sometimes when you think you’ve repaired it you get the same fault again. Many sunbed fitters use reconditioned parts when repairing sunbeds, this may be because of various issues. For example, the sunbed may be too old to obtain new parts. Sometimes, sunbed fitters have a lot of second-hand parts in stock, so when they use one of these parts, there is a good chance that this part is faulty or near the end of its lifespan and reliability.

Repairs and Care Plan

ECS Sunbeds are the first company in the UK to offer a sunbed Care Plan. We know that servicing a tanning salon can be a costly experience and at the end of the season when business slows down it can be a struggle, ECS now have a sunbed Care Package that allows you to spread the payments of servicing sunbeds over 12 months. There are also lots of benefits with the package such as unlimited help via email and phone calls with an engineer. If you have minor issues with your sunbed, it has a fixed call-out charge no matter where you are located and how many sunbeds you have.

Our sunbed Care Plan also offers discounts on sunbed lotions, acrylics, sanitiser and stationery. Never has any sunbed company been able to offer such a deal for all tanning salons across the country. How are we able to do this? Well, it’s simple, ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed rental company in the UK, along with factually that we sell more reconditioned sunbeds than anyone. We have a team of 8 fully trained sunbed engineers that are dedicated to servicing, repairs, retubes and maintenance throughout the UK. We specialise in servicing Ergoline sunbeds along with Megasun and American Leisure stand-up sunbeds. We also cover brands such as Luxura, Ultra-Sun, Tansun, Sunquest, Soltron and many more so fixing sunbeds and servicing them is second nature to us.


When it comes to retubing your sunbed, you will need a company that will be able to retube your sunbed asap. Once your tanning lamps start to depreciate, they will need replacing. ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed company in the UK. When it comes to re-tubing a sunbed, we cover the whole of the UK including Scotland and Wales.

Don’t worry if your location is not shown as we will cover your area. When we retube your sunbed, we check everything is in good working order with your sunbed, we will take away your old lamps free of charge (no other company offers this service for free.) when retubing sunbeds we offer the American Leisure range of tanning lamps however you may wish to buy your lamps from another supplier and just have us fit them, that is perfectly fine. Always remember to purchase starters when you retube a sunbed as they help with ignition and limit the black rings you get on the top and bottom of the sunbed. We also stock a huge range of high-pressure facials from the GY9.5 for Ergoline sunbeds to the R7’s for Megasun and Luxura sunbeds, we also stock the 250w shoulder tanners, so if it’s a sunbed service, or sunbed repair or even a sunbed retube and you’re in the UK then pop a call to ECS Sunbeds and we’ll sort it for you.

Buying Sunbed Lamps

One of the biggest questions every sunbed salon owner ask is “What are the best tanning lamps on the market?” This question has salon owners and suppliers of tanning lamps making all sorts of wild statements as to who has the best tanning lamp. Firstly, you must ask yourself a question, are the lamps you require 0.3 or the strong ones? In the 0.3 range, there are a lot of varieties in both strength and phosphor mix. An 0.3 tanning lamp has a set amount of UVB in it, this cannot be altered. Then there is UVa which is the phosphor that tans you. The UVa can be altered to give a different tanning effect so you can have high UVa, which will give you an instant colour or a lower UVa that will build your colour over a short series of tanning sessions. The UVB in the lamp is what gives its strength. Typically, you cannot have high UVa and high UVB as the phosphorus clash and results in poor tanning. You must find the correct mix of phosphors to give the tanning lamp its optimum performance.

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Over the many years of dealing with tanning lamps, we have always used lamps that give the maximum hours before the lamps start to fade with their tanning results. A good tanning lamp should stay constant for a minimum of 600 hours before the tanning effect starts to fade away. Claims are always made this lamp can do 1,000 hours etc… but there are no tanning lamps that can run effectively for 1,000 hours. It may say it can on the data sheet however under constant testing, the results are clear to see, and any UV readings will clearly show a huge drop of about 30% in a 1,000-hour tanning lamp. A good tanning lamp is around 800 hours however after 600 hours you should be thinking about changing them as they start to depreciate rapidly thereafter.

One of the best tanning lamps ranges on the market is the American Leisure range of tanning lamps. These lamps have been designed as the ideal replacement lamps for any sunbed, but this is not the case with all other tanning lamps. Other brands are only designed to go in a certain sunbed however no one will ever tell you this.

American Leisure has spent many years testing their lamps with all brands of sunbeds such as Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds and many other brands of tanning equipment. They have made their lamps the best possible replacement lamps on the tanning market. In Europe, a lot of countries have the American Leisure range of lamps simply due to the versatility of the tanning lamps, also the tanning performance doesn’t alter from sunbed to sunbed as all other brands do. Next time you are looking for lamp replacements pick a lamp that will work perfectly in your sunbed and will give you the houage you are paying for. American Leisure guarantees their lamps no which is what no other lamp brand will offer.



Do you require a Sunbed Acrylic or Sunbed Perspex, as some of you like to call it, but don’t know where to purchase one from or which sunbed Perspex to buy? Should it be a body mould, or can I have a flat sunbed acrylic? Then ECS Sunbeds are the right place for you. We supply Ergoline acrylics along with Megasun Perspex, we also have flat sunbed Perspex to fit any lie-down or stand-up sunbed. It is worth mentioning that sunbed acrylics come in different thicknesses ranging from 2mm up to 8mm in thickness.

showroom at ecs sunbedMegasun and Ergoline lie-down sunbeds all require 8mm for the base acrylic, while for stand-up sunbeds, most take 2mm to 3mm in sunbed acrylics. A sunbed acrylic is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your sunbed, without one you simply can’t use it. You should always clean your sunbed Perspex with the correct sanitiser such as Twist Clean from American Leisure is one of the most popular sunbed sanitisers in the UK. It does not leave any streaks and gives a crystal-clear reflection when used. Never use an abrasive cloth when cleaning your sunbed as this will leave a cloudy effect on your sunbed acrylic which will never go. A sunbed acrylic should last you several years when looked after properly. We advise that you should place signs in your sunbed room saying please do not put your feet up on the sunbed when tying laces or putting shoes on, you’d be surprised how many sunbed Perspex get broken by clients miss using them.

ECS Sunbeds stock most acrylics for Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds. However, if you require a different one, we can usually obtain them within 2-3 days. Some sunbed acrylics require bars attached to them for when they lock to the canopy. Some have vents built in as well as aqua jets. It is always important to remember that when you purchase sunbed acrylic, you only receive the acrylic. All the parts of your old sunbed Perspex must be transferred onto your new one. You must always use a reputable sunbed fitter if you cannot do this yourself. ECS Sunbed fit sunbed acrylics all over the UK and we have the correct tools for removing bars etc from your old acrylic. We will remove your old sunbed Perspex free of charge. So, if you’re looking for sunbed acrylics then ECS Sunbeds are your first choice.

For more information call 0151 924 6344 and we will be delighted to help you – you can get in touch via the contact form here.