American Leisure Stand up sunbed for hire or rent

American Leisure V48 VTU

Brand New

Rent £252 per month including vat

Free repairs, servicing and free retube after 600 hours usuage

New and Reconditioned
48 tube Available
Intelligent Airflow
Grills or Acrylics
Removal Plate in Base for Cleaning
Hour Counter
Emergency Stop
Music Speakers
Available in Most Colours
Additional Options Available
Bluetooth and Colour Change

American Leisure Stand Up Sunbed to Rent or Hire

American Leisure V48 Stand Up Sunbed


Rent from £214.80 per month including vat

Free repairs, servicing and free retube after 600 hours usage

Lamp specification
48 x 2m lamps
48 x 1.8m lamps (these units are ideal for rooms with low ceilings)

Tansun Symphony Stand Up Sunbeds to Rent or Hire

Tansun Symphony


Rent from £214.80 per month including vat

Free repairs, servicing and free retube after 600 hours useage

Lamp specification
Body lamps: 48 x 180W (200cm)
Power consumption: 10kW

Room size, Ventillation and Electrical specifications

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Stand Up Sunbeds to Rent

If you are looking for new or reconditioned stand up sunbeds to rent, then, let ECS Sunbeds take the stress out of finding the best deals. We have a large range of vertical tanning units including brands such as American Leisure, Tansun and Sunquest.

showroom at ecs sunbedStand up sunbeds are ideal for those salons that have limited space. Stand up sunbeds give an even all-round tan without the need to worry about tan lines. They are easy to maintain, clean and are incredibly reliable. When standing in the stand up, there are handles for your clients to hold on to in order to reach those parts difficult to tan on your body. It is important that your clients use of eye protection for every tanning session and moisturise well afterwards to keep that dark all over tan. We also offer a large range of tanning lotions which are highly recommended to moisturise your clients' skin and optimise the tanning experience.

All our stand up rental packages are based on a 12 month contract with free repairs, servicing and after 600 hours usage, we retube the sunbed completely free of charge. All stand up sunbeds come with new lamps and a token meter to operate the machine. Bluetooth and colour motion can be added as an optional extra. For legal and safety reasons, you will need to be competent in operating the sunbed so you will be glad to know that when you rent a stand up sunbed from ECS Sunbeds, it will be professionally installed by our qualified team of engineers and you and your team will be provided with training in order that you will be confident in correctly operating it. This ensures you will be able to give your customers the safe and enjoyable tanning experience they are seeking.

We welcome visits to our Lancashire based warehouse so that you can see our full range and even try out some sunbeds to make sure that you are happy with the size and operation of the machines as well as the results achieved. Our experienced and professional customer services team are always happy to answer any questions you may have so if you want to rent a stand up sunbed, please give us a call on 0151 924 6344 and we will be very happy to help you.