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Sunbed Acrylics

Sunbed acrylics, or sunbed Perspex –  as some people like to call them, are a critical part of your sunbed. They protect you from touching the lamps whilst allowing the UVA and UVB through to tan you. All lie-down sunbeds are required to have them whereas stand-up sunbeds don’t. stand up sunbeds are allowed to have grills as well as sunbed acrylics as you are standing and not lying on them.

Sunbed Perspex can come in many different sizes and thicknesses, for instance on an Ergoline sunbed the base sunbed acrylic is 8mm thick and the canopy is 3mm thick, whereas on older sunbeds you may have a 5mm thickness base acrylic for your sunbed and a 2mm thickness for the canopy acrylic. All sunbed acrylics are specially made for each particular sunbed as there is weight restriction when lying on a sunbed. Normal acrylics or Perspex cannot be used for a sunbed as it will cause injuries such as sunburn and stability. You will also get a warping effect as the sunbed Perspex will become unstable and melt.

It is very important to look after your sunbed acrylics. They should be checked after each use in case of a defect where someone has cracked the base acrylic and not reported it. You should always put notices up in your tanning room requesting clients treat them properly, for instance, one of the major causes of broken base sunbed Perspex’s when clients put their footwear on and then lift the leg onto the base acrylic to tie their shoelaces. Sunbed acrylics should be cleaned with antibacterial spray and a microfibre cloth see in the lotion brochure. Try not to allow clients to use sun lotions that are not supposed to be used in conjunction with sunbeds, as these lotions damage the sunbed acrylic.

All sunbed Perspex has heat frizzes, so if you see little scratches appear on your acrylic “don’t panic!” it doesn’t require changing as this is a natural process due to the fact the acrylic warms up and cool downs constantly. The only time a sunbed acrylic needs to be replaced is when a crack appears, sometimes the crack doesn’t go right through but if you are not sure, then simply email us a picture and we can gladly advise.

Sunbed acrylics can be a costly experience so a tip would be if you have a few sunbeds in your salon ensure the sunbed acrylics are on your insurance for your salon, as some acrylics can be over £1,000.  As I say, without your acrylic your sunbed cannot be used – so take care of it. At ECS Sunbeds, we stock lots of base and canopy sunbed acrylics for all types of sunbeds including Ergoline sunbeds, Megasun sunbeds, and Luxura to name a few and we also stock the older types of acrylics for Zeniths, Sontegra, and Shadow plus many more.

If it is a sunbed acrylic you are after ECS can supply and fit one for you just call 0151 924 6344 0r to message us via the contact page here.