Sunbed Hire and Rental in the South-West

Sunbed Hire and Rental in the South-WestSummer’s almost here – it’s almost time to show off your tan, and it’s time for sunbed hire and rental in the South-West. Get a tan in less than half-an-hour that makes you look like you’ve just returned from the South of France! Renting means that the rest of the family can use it too. Many firms offer great deals on hire/rental so you don’t need to purchase this expensive equipment. You save both space and money by renting a good sunbed from a reputed firm. New and reconditioned sunbeds are available on yearly and monthly rental. Many companies offer attractive lease-finance terms.

In the South-West, sunbed hire and rental is a convenient and economical way to tan. Sunbeds work on UV-radiation, a component of real sunlight. The body secretes melanin, a natural chemical that darkens the skin to protect it from over-exposure to dangerous UV rays. This darkening is what we call a “tan.” While tans look great, and give your skin that healthy glow, there are some risks involved if you don’t use the facilities correctly. Sunbeds must be installed by trained professionals. Ensure you have a room at least 6×6 and 7ft in height for stand-up sunbeds, which are also called vertical tanning units (VTU). If the room is enclosed, you may require a ventilator duct to the outside, but if sunbeds are installed in cubicles, you don’t need separate ventilation. The precautions required include: under-16s, people with very fair or delicate skin, those who burn easily, have a lot of freckles and moles, family history of skin-cancer and people on skin-sensitive medication should avoid it.

Retubing facilities are available apart from sunbed hire and rental in the South-West. Firms like ECS Sunbeds offer sales, rentals, service, maintenance and repairs of all the leading brands. Replacement sunbed tubes or “lamps” as they are known in the business are available in a variety of options for different types of tans. So, contact ECS Sunbeds – your golden tan is waiting for you!

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