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Sunbed hire in Blackburn

Smartlite I-Brite Tanning Lamp for sunbeds


Sunbed hire in Blackburn has become an important business add-on for Beauty Salons, Hair Salons, Sports Clubs, and Hotels that want to provide their clients with high a quality suntan in attractive surroundings, and with modern, high-quality equipment. If you want to have clients return to your salon or studio, you will need to rent or buy your quality sunbed from a reliable source and there is only one company to contact, ECS Sunbeds. ECS supplies leading brands such as Ergoline, Megasun, and American Leisure to the whole of the UK. The sunbeds to rent or to buy are of the highest standards and they are available at truly affordable prices. With sunbed hire, you want extraordinary services to make it all cost-effective. In Blackburn, sunbed hire is made easy for clients as ECS Sunbeds has a showroom in the Northwest where you can see the sunbeds on display, and once you have made your choice and all the paperwork is complete,  you can arrange for the sunbed installation. ECS Sunbeds are the only company in the UK that offers free re-tubing and servicing on all their rental sunbeds.

They are the largest distributors of sunbed tubes in the UK such as the Smartlite i-Brite, Collatan Maxi Twist 0.3, and the Blu Infinity Twist 0.3 for their lie-down and vertical tanning units available to hire in Blackburn if you only have a small or restricted space. The engineers are Ergoline specialist trained and can work on any make and model of sunbed you hire. The budget rental packages are truly worthwhile for anyone looking to start up a tanning studio and when your tanning unit is due for re-tubing or requires any repairs, they are free of charge (unless negligence is involved).

If you would like more information about sunbed hire or sunbeds to purchase then contact ECS Sunbeds at 0151 924 6344 or have a look at the website here. You’ll find that dealing with ECS is professional and cost-effective from their rental sunbeds to their awesome suntan lotions and other accessories and unbeatable deals.