Sunbed Hire in Cheshire

Consider sunbed hire in Cheshire if you have a modern, professional beauty salon. Tanning beds are available in a few different styles, the most popular being lie-down or upright units. There are also handheld tanning appliances for small-scale applications. We recommend a tanning bed for salon or individual purposes, as it offers an even, full body tan. Sunbeds also usually use stronger bulbs, especially the upright models, for quicker tans. The reflectors around the booth will make sure you get tanned from all sides, even from the bottom so that places that are often difficult to tan now match the rest of your body.

In the winter months, tanning naturally is almost impossible. In Cheshire, sunbed hire is a way to keep your summer tan all year round. Sunbed tanning also reduces the risks and harm involved in natural sun tanning, like skin damage, painful sunburn and awkward or unsightly tan lines. If you run a salon, you may want to hire a sunbed as a short-term solution. An extra sunbed over the holiday and winter months is always useful when your daily client numbers increase, and it provides a good backup in case one of your regular sunbeds break.

ECS offers comprehensive sunbed hire in Cheshire. We have a range of different models available, and provide all the tanning lamps and accessories for each. We stock pre-owned sunbeds for a budget-friendly option as well as brand new sunbeds from leading manufacturers. Contact ECS Sunbeds to discuss your sunbed hire requirements today. Whether for personal or commercial use, our sunbeds are guaranteed to yield gorgeous, satisfying results. You are welcome to visit our showroom where you can try out a few sunbeds for comparison. After hiring one of our sunbeds, you won’t ever want to use anything else for beautiful, natural-looking sun-kissed skin.

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