Sunbed Hire in Kent

Getting sunbed hire in Kent is the cheaper alternative to buying a brand new sunbed. Many people feel that a sunbed should be brand new, especially if they are buying it for their salon. Even store owners feel that they would want brand new sunbeds to offer to their customers. Fact is, if you are buying sunbeds from a reliable supplier, you don’t have to worry so much about getting a brand new sunbed as the rental options are perfectly maintained and kept in excellent working order.

In Kent, sunbed hire is an excellent alternative to spending large sums of money on new sunbeds. Rental sunbeds come with a maintenance plan and if any replacement tubes or lamps are required, the supplier will provide them. Sunbed rentals from suppliers like ECS Sunbeds & Leisure, ensure you do not have to worry about the replacing of the sunbed tubes, or any maintenance concerns. They make sure that if there’s anything wrong with the lamps in your rented sunbed, they will provide a replacement. As long as parts wear out due to regular usage, you shouldn’t have any problems getting a replacement for it from us.

Finally, you can get a lot of options when it comes to getting sunbed hire in Kent. The first set of options is in terms of design and here, you get everything from lay-down models to Vertical Tanning Units or VTUs where the customer can stand inside the unit instead of lying down. The other flexible aspect about renting from ECS Sunbeds & Leisure is that there are financing options for your lease plan and you can also rent on a monthly basis. So if you’re ready to bring a sunbed into your salon and provide yourself and your customers with a fantastic tanning experience, contact ECS Sunbeds & Leisure for more information about sunbeds for hire.

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