Sunbed Hire in North West

Sunbed Hire in North WestThese days, sunbed hire in North West is becoming increasingly popular. People who run a gym or a beauty salon have now realised the benefits of sunbed hire. If your beauty parlour or gym lacks a sunbed, you could be losing many customers to other businesses that have such facilities. However, getting a sunbed can be costly. Putting into consideration that clients are looking for the best and safest tanning methods, high-standard sunbeds can be overly priced. It can cost quite a substantial amount of money to purchase a commercial sunbed. So hiring a sunbed is an excellent alternative – the option is flexible and cost-efficient as well.

In the North West, sunbed hire is gaining wide recognition due to companies such as ECS Sunbeds. ECS Sunbeds is the number one store when it comes to supplying rental sunbeds in North West. They have a large collection of sunbeds that clients can hire. ECS Sunbeds also provide prospective customers with a number of other necessary services regarding sunbeds, such as tanning equipment, sunbed replacement tubes and accessories. All their items are offered at reasonable prices. And if you want to remove and discard an old tanning replacement tube, ECS Sunbeds can assist you to do so.

When it comes to sunbed hire in the North West, ECS Sunbeds are the leading distributors. Whether you are looking for a vertical tanning unit (VTU) or a lie-down sunbed, you will find it at ECS sunbeds With their diverse financing options, renting a sunbed is an easy process. ECS Sunbeds understand the importance of having modern and top-grade machines at your place of business. Up-front costs and tight budgets may hamper your plans of purchasing a sunbed. Lease finance is available for clients working on a tight budget. In addition, the rent to buy option is also available for customers who would like new or reconditioned sunbeds. Potential clients can rent the sunbed on a monthly basis for a period of time. After which, they can buy the sunbed or end their contract after the given time period. With such amazing deals, hiring a sunbed is easy – contact ECS Sunbeds to find out how.

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