Sunbed Rental in London

Sunbed Rental in LondonPeople looking for sunbeds can consider sunbed rentals in London, to serve business requirements. If you are concerned about the cost of purchasing a sunbed, especially when you require it for your business, then hiring one is definitely an easier way to get the sunbed you want. To understand the benefits about sunbed hiring you need to know a bit more about what your options are and how you can benefit from them. To start, there are two kinds of sunbeds that you can hire – horizontal and vertical. As the names indicate, horizontal ones are the kinds where you have to lie down while vertical sunbeds, also called a Vertical Tanning Units (VTUs), allow you to stand within, to get a tan.

For businesses in London, sunbed rental choice between horizontal and vertical versions depends on the time you wish to spend using them. Stand-up sunbeds are relatively quicker in the tanning process as all sides of your body are exposed to the light at once. Lie-down sunbeds have a layer of acrylic that you have to lie down on, which may soften some of the light that falls on your body, thereby dampening that effect. The other thing that matters is the power of the sunbed and that usually depends on the number of tubes or ‘lamps’ you have in the sunbed. The more lamps you have, the quicker you can get the tan you want. When renting a sunbed, if any of those tubes or lamps stop working, your rental company can offer you a replacement as compared to when you have to buy a new lamp for a sunbed that you’ve bought.

The best part about sunbed rental in London is that companies like ECS Sunbeds & Leisure allow you to rent these units as and when you need them. If you want to rent them for just a month, you can do so! If you want to rent one permanently, you can do that as well! You have complete freedom over the rental duration and, with it, the way you wish to pay for the sunbed unit. ECS Sunbeds & Leisure also offers you some competitive financing options for your lease plan, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about saving up the cash you need to rent one. So if you’re yearning for a sunbed but don’t want to end up splurging on a new or used unit, just call ECS Sunbeds & Leisure and we’ll rent one out to you!

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