Sunbed Tubes In Sheffield

Sunbed Tubes in SheffieldWith sunbed tubes in Sheffield so easy to get, now you can enjoy a fabulous tan all year round as ECS Sunbeds & Leisure specialises in supplying and maintaining tanning equipment at health clubs, hotels, salons and universities. For over 20 years ECS has been leaders in the sunbed and tanning industry, so if you looking to rent or buy sunbeds, ECS is you one stop solution. With a minimal outlay they can supply you with sunbeds throughout the UK on a lease hire basis. The company is extremely reliable and offer a professional service that is backed by an excellent network of experienced engineers which ensures that all equipment supplied is properly maintained. ECS are a fully authorised distributor of all KBL megaSun products.

In Sheffield, sunbed tubes should always be purchased from a reputable supplier as they will not only affect the quality of your tan but also the longevity of your tanning unit. Even during the winter months you can enjoy tanning all year round. Indoor tanning is very useful, reliable and safe. If would like to enjoy the benefits of obtaining a tanning bed, you have the option to lease one directly from ECS. A beautifully tanned body make one look healthy and feel good and gives you that summer feeling all year round. ECS also stocks vertical tanning units in addition to conventional sunbeds. ECS is a leading distributor throughout the UK and offer brands such as KBL, Collatan Twist and the Excellence range.

Sunbed tubes in Sheffield can help you achieve a beautiful tan like you would during summer time but without sun burn. If it is your first time, allow your skin to get accustomed to the tanning process. Always make sure your sunbed tube is functioning properly, and if you require replacement sunbed tubes then simply call ECS Sunbeds & Leisure. The duration of sunbed tubes may last between 500 to 800 hours of which depend on the quality and types of lamps used. Sunbed lamps do not burn out, they simple lose their effectiveness. No matter how big or small your order is, ECS will ship the lamps overnight. Contact ECS Sunbeds & Leisure for sunbed tubes.

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