Ergoline 600 Evolution Reconditioned Commercial Sunbed to Purchaser

Additional Information

This fantastic Ergoline 600 Evolution Sunbed is now available to purchase from ECS Sunbeds. It comes with
everything you would expect when buying an Ergoline sunbed. It has body-mold acrylics for your comfort and it
has clever ambient lighting making the sunbed standout in any mood-lit room. With 46 body lamps and 3 facial tanners, along with neck and shoulder tanners, makes this Ergoline 600 Evolution is a premium sunbed for purchase.
For an additional cost, we can upgrade your commercial sunbed to include LED’s along with a Bluetooth connection


Body Lamps:- 46 x 160w

High pressure facials:- 3 x 500w

Shoulder Tanners:- 7 x 25w

Neck Tanners:- 6 x 25w

Condition – Refurbished