Ergoline Sunpoint Commercial Sunbed To Buy

Additional Information

This Ergoline Sunpoint lie-down sunbed is a limited edition. This Ergoline sunbed was manufactured for Sunpoint, it is an Ergoline 660 Affinity in principle with a limited edition front cover. It is completely electronic which means it is more cost-effective and has additional options for air-con, aqua mist, and shoulder tanners. It is a 160w 46-tube sunbed that gives off incredible tanning results. The display lighting on the sunbed is unique and gives off an elegant lighting effect. This sunbed is available to view at our showroom. Bluetooth is also available as an optional extra.


Body Lamps:- 46 x 160w

High-pressure facials:- 3 x 500w

Shoulder tanners:- 7 x 25w

Condition:- Refurbished

This exclusive Ergoline Sunpoint is now available for you to view at the ECS Sunbeds showroom.