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Tanning lamps in Burton on Trent

Where can you buy Tanning tubes in Burton on Trent?

ECS Sunbeds are the leading distributor of American Leisure tanning lamps in Burton on Trent and throughout the whole of the UK. The American Leisure Smartlite range is 0.3 compliant and gives the best tanning results that will have your customers returning time after time.

The NEW Smartlite I-Brite Tanning Lamp is the latest product to hit the tanning industry. It has been specifically designed using the most up-to-date technology along with a four-phosphor mix to give it an ice-white glow. Never before has a lamp with such brightness been produced. The I-Brite Smartlite gives an instant result that helps your client’s skin to achieve a wonderful natural-looking deep tan.
The I-Brite Smartlite is a superb choice for salon operators such as you to help fulfill your client’s tanning expectations. Due to its internally innovative and unique complex properties, this high-performance lamp will guarantee maximum results whilst producing a glowing, beautiful, long-lasting tan in a short period. With a perfect blend of UVA / UVB, the new Smartlite Tanning lamps are simply the healthiest tanning lamps on the market.
They work with a starter-igniter that lights all the lamps in the sunbed at once, less energy is used than with the traditional starters yet performance is increased by 25% allowing a deep tan. The tubes and starters are compatible with most sunbeds so why don’t you try them in your beds? Both you and your clients will see the difference.

Lamp Benefits~: Excellent Tanning – Long lasting Dark Tan – Healthy looking skin – Produces vitamin D – Purifies your skin – Optimised level of UVA – Perfect skin

Smartlite Blu Infinity Twist is the most innovative tanning lamp on the market. This stunning, brilliant bright electric blue ambiance combined with the state-of-the-art patented twisted glass effect gives the salon operator an unparalleled advantage over all the competition using normal flat lamps. The Blu Infinity Twist boasts the highest levels of tanning effect in the market, making it the most unique twisted tanning lamp available. It gives the ultimate perfect tanning performance every time. Due to its unique internal complex properties and combined patented glass technology, these lamps provide a perfect, long-lasting dark glowing tan. Relative Spectral Irradiance vs Wavelength x-Relative-Spectral-Irradiance. Unique 3 wavelengths in one tube Blu Infinity Twist is the revolution as such. The 3 most important wavelengths have been combined in one single tube for the first time worldwide. The tanning performance and results from this perfectly formed lamp are of the highest caliber.

Lamp Benefits~: Excellent Tanning – Long lasting Dark Tan – Healthy looking skin – Produces vitamin D – Purifies your skin – Optimised level of UVA – Perfect skin

Smartlite Maxi Twist 
This spectacular lamp is the latest in tanning innovation. Manufactured only for American Leisure International, it contains the four major wavelengths, – UVA, UVB, Red light therapy & Blue light therapy, and is the world’s first Collatan Maxi Twist Lamp. Testimony to this amazing tanning lamp is that it rapidly became the fastest-selling lamp in the UK within the first 6 months of its launch. The scientific wavelength studies produced by NASA only go to strengthen and enhance the outstanding capability of this product. The tanning performance and results from this perfectly formed lamp are of the highest caliber. This futuristic tanning concept is at the forefront of technology in tanning and skin care. The brilliant pink light looks visually stunning and combined with the patented twisted glass effect, delivers an unparalleled, luxurious tan. The unique design also provides the additional benefits of collagen stimulation, leaving the skin clean, rejuvenated, and blemish free. The Twist Lamp provides you with more than just tanning. The unique Collatan Maxi Twist Tubes combine the 4 wavelengths of light. UVA rays work deeper down and are responsible for the bronzing of the skin, UVB stimulates the melanin in the skin and adds essential vitamin D.

4 in 1~: The Twist makes the difference! The Maxi Twist tube is uniquely twisted and thus has a larger surface than conventional lamps. This enables the speed of the arc to travel much faster from both diodes on either end of the lamp. This maximizes the performance and stability of the product whilst delivering perfect and natural tanning results. All 4 wavelengths of light are optimally deployed. UVA direct, intensive, and attractive tan UVB for the production of Melanin & Vitamin D Blue Light therapy for pure, blemish-free skin Red Light (Collagen) therapy to reach a revitalising and soothing effect for your skin

Lamp Benefits
Creates a healthy glow – Premium tanning results – Smoothing effect of fine lines and wrinkles – Stimulates natural collagen – Produces vitamin D

Smartlite Excellence is a fantastic addition to this stunning range of tanning lamps that produce a beautiful deep, dark, and long-lasting tan that continuously develops after each tanning session. The lamp’s high-grade phosphor and glass quality and the latest patented tanning technology guarantee premium results. This lamp series allows different skin types (II-IV) to develop an instant and long-lasting DELUXE tan. The two main tanning factors – the fast immediate pigmentation and the long-lasting tan – are ideally matched. Thus, when used correctly, American Leisure Excellence lamps provide a plus of 10% or more tanning effect compared to other similar tanning lamps.
The advantages of the Excellence range maximum tanning effect also in 0.3 fast instant and long-lasting tan high-quality phosphor for “DELUXE” tanning complexion comparatively short tanning time ideal tanning effect for all users (whether fair-skinned, untanned or pre-tanned) intensified tan with repeated use

The Excellence range of lamps shines bright with an even more instant tanning effect giving a “GOLDEN TAN” by a new phosphor mix and an optimised reflector. In addition, it offers all the proven product benefits of the American Leisure range of lamps.

Lamp Benefits~: Excellent Tanning – Long lasting Dark Tan – Healthy looking skin – Produces vitamin D – Purifies your skin – Optimised level of UVA – Perfect skin

High-Pressure Facials – ECS supplies all makes and models of High-Pressure Facials. All a minimum of 800 hours. They offer the best quality single, double-ended, and wired facial tubes, with a complete range of wattage available.
Contrary to belief, high-pressure facials do have a life span and they require changing around 800 hours. There are lots of different types of HPFs. If you are unsure, simply quote the model of the tanning unit you have and we will do the rest!
Starters are one of the most underrated components when it comes to the performance of lamps. A lamp starter is the connection between the ballast and the lamp, an unchanged starter can result in new lamps blackening very quickly at the top and the bottom, making new lamps look old. Also, an old starter will not ignite the lamp properly, this causes the lamp to flicker when trying to fire up. There are different types of quality when it comes to starters, the American Leisure starter begins at 80 watts and goes up to 225 watts for ballast, so it covers all types of lamp wattage. The American Leisure starter gives an excellent performance throughout the full length of a new lamp life.
The starter will last longer than one re-tube, however, it is always recommended when you change your lamps that you also replace the starter.

To find out more about where you can buy tanning tubers in Burton on Trent and see the American Leisure Smartlite range visit HERE