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American Leisure Stand Up / Vertical Tanning Unit

When it comes to stand-up sunbeds in the U.K, there is only 1 commercial manufacturer of stand-up VTU sunbeds, and that company is American Leisure. They specialise in the manufacturing of brand-new 48-tube and 60-tube stand-up sunbeds. The quality and design of their sunbeds exceed what is available on the market today by far and they manufacture a sunbed that is built for the rigors of a modern, busy salon. There are optional extras such as Bluetooth and LED Colour Motion, along with a simple design to make the maintenance and cleaning of the stand-up sunbed easy and hassle-free.

The way the new American Leisure stand-up has been designed, obtaining replacement parts is never a problem. All parts for the sunbed are readily available and at low-cost prices making the American Leisure stand up affordable for every salon in the country. At ECS Sunbeds, you can rent the American Leisure stand up, the rental contracts are 12 months long and then become a rolling 28-day contract. All servicing and repairs are free.

If you are looking to rent a fabulous stand-up sunbed that will give your tanning salon the edge over your competitors, then the American Leisure sunbed is the perfect choice for you to rent.

Alternatively, you can purchase the American Leisure stand-up from ECS Sunbeds. You can buy it outright or we can offer alternate payment options. You can pay for your stand-up over 2, 3, or 4 years and all brand-new sunbeds come with a full 12-month parts-only warranty, giving you peace of mind as you have an expert backup if your sunbeds break down.

The stand-up sunbed has been designed in two sizes, if you have a small room with a low ceiling height, we can accommodate your salon with the smaller size. Also, the stand-up sunbed will fit into rooms that do not have a lot of width. If you are in any doubt as to whether your sunbed will fit in the space you have simply call our fully trained sales team they can offer you their expertise on room size, even the electrical specifications and ventilation for your sunbed, ECS Sunbeds are the UK’s largest sunbed rental company – we are the experts.

For advice on any sunbed whether it’s a lie-down sunbed or a stand-up sunbed ECS Sunbeds are the 1st choice.

For further information call 0151 924 6344.