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Buy a Megasun Sunbed

Are you thinking of purchasing a Megasun sunbed? Then ECS sunbeds are your first choice! We have the largest selection of fully reconditioned sunbeds in the UK. We also have Megasun sunbeds along with other top brands such as Ergoline and American Leisure stand-ups both in the V48 and V60. All our reconditioned sunbeds are refurbished to the highest standard and can come with additional optional extras such as colour motion LED display doors and Bluetooth.

Megasun 7000 sunbedAll our Megasun sunbeds come with new lamps and a token meter to operate them. You may be adding your Megasun sunbed to an existing tanning salon with a Tmax system, this is not a problem. All our sunbed engineers are fully trained, so adding it to another means of controller system instead of a token meter is not a problem. When purchasing a Megasun sunbed, you should always check your room size and make sure there is plenty of space. Megasun sunbeds require enough space for ventilation, these sunbeds have temperature sensors, and should the sunbed overheat then it cuts off and will only reset once the sunbed has cooled down.

Buying a Megasun sunbed is a real statement of intent to your competitors. Megasun sunbeds are known throughout the world for their reliability along with their amazing appearance with colour-change. They also have body moulded sunbed acrylics for extra comfort, helping you to totally relax and drift away whilst getting an excellent all-over deep, dark tan. A lot of Megasun sunbeds have mp3s built into them, so whilst you’re tanning you can listen to your favorite music. Aesthetically, Megasun sunbeds are one of the best-looking brands on the market rivaled only by Ergoline sunbeds. Megasun sunbeds have colour change options so you can have fade in – fade out colour-change or simply have it on one colour tone.

Whether you are opening a new tanning salon, adding another sunbed to your existing salon, or simply have a spare room and want to purchase a sunbed for extra revenue, then buying a Megasun sunbed would be the perfect choice for you. ECS Sunbeds can provide the sunbed of your dreams, all our Megasun sunbeds can be viewed in our showroom, ECS Sunbeds have the largest sunbed showroom in the UK so come on down and get the sunbed you’ve always dreamed of today.

To find out more about how to buy a Megasun sunbed, just call 0151 924 6344 or leave a message on our contact page here