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Commercial sunbeds for Hire or Rent

Are you looking to rent a commercial sunbed but are not sure what company has the best available sunbeds? Are you struggling to find a company that will hire you a commercial sunbed for your salon? Look no further! ECS Sunbeds are the UK’s largest sunbed rental company and we have been in the tanning industry for over 25 years supplying and repairing sunbeds. We have the largest sunbed rental fleet in the UK, plus we are the only sunbed rental company that supplies sunbed rentals and carries out sunbed repairs along with sunbed retubes across the UK.

Ergoline 1100 Prestige sunbedWhen hiring or renting a lie-down sunbed from ECS, we will only supply Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds. When it comes to hiring a stand-up sunbed then, we will only use the American Leisure stand-up. This amazing stand-up tanning unit is the most requested throughout the UK and appears in more tanning salons than any other stand-up sunbed brand. It is the best rental stand-up sunbed on the market, designed for the rigors of a busy salon and day-to-day use. Its reliability and performance are unrivaled making American Leisure stand up as the most sought-after.

When renting lie-downs, the majority of sunbeds we supply are Ergoline. There are no other sunbed rental companies that will offer Ergoline sunbeds for rent. We offer Megasun sunbeds for hire though, these are limited to a selected few and are always in demand. As well as sunbed rentals, we also offer a sunbed repair service and a sunbed retube service throughout the UK. When retubing we will always remove your old tanning lamps for you, there may be a small fee – but nothing drastic. We can also supply sunbed acrylics for most sunbeds including body mould acrylics. Renting a sunbed from us is a fairly easy process, we offer a 12-month contract along with free repairs and servicing. The major bonus for you when renting your sunbed from ECS Sunbeds is that we retube your sunbed free of charge after 600 hours of usage, we are the only sunbed rental company that offers this service and it saves you around £500 per sunbed when retubing. We also stock sunbed lotions and sunbed stationery so we are the only 1 stop sunbed company for you.

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