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Ergoline 450 Inspiration Sunbed

When it comes to sunbeds, the Ergoline 450 Inspiration would be a great addition to your salon. Not only is it the perfect size for any UK salon, but it also has a performance that is unrivaled in its class, the decorative lighting on the outside of the sunbed is unique and can be split into several colours giving your sunbed the wow factor. The Ergoline 450 Inspiration has a combination of 160w and 180w body lamps along with four high-pressure facials that also contain 8w pencil lamps next to the high-pressure facials.

The body cooling system on the Ergoline 450 Inspiration has a unique way of operating. When the sunbed first comes on, it is only the lamps that appear to work, the bed is silent, then slowly after a period of 50 seconds to a minute, the main fan along with body fans start to work, as the sunbed gets hotter and hotter the fans automatically adjust in speed to keep the sunbed running at its optimal temperature.Ergoline 450 Inspiration

This unique way the fans operate also keeps the tanning lamps at their optimal operating temperature, if you overheat your tanning lamps, you will get black rings at the top and bottom of your lamps, also the lifespan of your tanning lamps will dramatically reduce. A good 800-hour lamp that is continually run in an overheated sunbed will only perform up to 500 hours. You will also notice the tanning effect drop in your lamps.

With an overheated sunbed, you will also incur other issues such as error codes. Error codes are unique to Ergoline sunbeds, they tell engineers exactly what the issue is, this can sometimes eliminate you from paying a sunbed engineer money trying to find what the fault is. Of course, if there is no error code then the sunbed engineer will need to do some investigative work to establish the faults. The Ergoline 450 inspiration can be hired at ECS sunbeds alternatively you can purchase this Ergoline sunbed from us on finance with repayments over 2,3 or 4 years’ repayments. All sunbeds purchased from ECS sunbeds come with a parts-only warranty along with new tanning lamps and a token meter to operate them. The Ergoline 450 Inspiration sunbed would make a fantastic addition to your salon giving you the edge over your competitors.

To see this amazing sunbed visit our sunbed showroom today simply call us at 0151 924 6344 to arrange a visit, you won’t be disappointed.