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Ergoline Sunbed for Sale

Are you thinking of opening a tanning salon or are you looking to add a sunbed to an existing business? There are lots of lie-down sunbeds to choose from, so which brand should you choose? Well, when it comes to lie down sunbeds to purchase there are only 2 brands really, there are Ergoline and Megasun.

Ergoline sunbeds are the biggest brand in the world and they are the market leader. When it comes to choosing a sunbed their choice of machines is immense. ECS Sunbeds stock the largest selection of Ergoline sunbeds for sale in the UK. Megasun sunbeds are the second biggest brand for lie-down sunbeds in the UK. Their choice of machines is large when it comes to selection. It is a fact that one of their sunbeds was designed by Porsche (P9).

Ergoline Prestige Bluevision sunbedAll sunbeds purchased from ECS Sunbeds come with a parts-only warranty. Upon installation, all of the sunbeds are fitted with brand-new lamps and are fully demonstrated to you. We show you how to replace sunbed lamps and also how to correctly clean the filters and acrylics. You will be shown how to complete general maintenance on your sunbed, as most councils prefer salon owners to be competent when it comes to knowing how your sunbed operates. We give you a certificate to keep on your records to show you have been trained on how to operate the sunbed.

At ECS Sunbeds we have the largest sunbed showroom in the UK, where you can see the Ergoline sunbeds and have a good look at what you’re purchasing. We always recommend, whenever possible, you visit and see the Ergoline sunbeds, by doing this you know exactly what you are buying. You would be surprised at how many people buy sunbeds from a photograph and when it arrives, it isn’t what you expect or wanted. When it comes to buying your Ergoline or Megasun sunbed, we offer various payment options. We can offer sunbed finance with payments over 2,3 or 4 years and in some circumstances, we can offer a rent-to-buy package. Details of these packages are available upon request.

If it is an Ergoline sunbed or a Megasun lie-down sunbed you are after, then ECS Sunbeds are your first choice. For a stand-up sunbed, then we offer the American Leisure V48 as our preferred choice. American Leisure is a specialist in stand-up sunbeds. They are manufactured to withstand the robust day-to-day use of a busy salon. The stand-ups can come with Bluetooth and LED colour change as optional extras. If it is a stand-up sunbed you’re looking to buy, then American Leisure is the only choice to make.

To find out more about The Ergoline Sunbeds for Sale, just call 0151 924 6344 or leave a message on our contact page here