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Hire a Sunbed in the Midlands.

Are you looking to rent a sunbed, or hire a sunbed for an existing salon, or maybe you have a hair and beauty salon and want to hire a sunbed in the Midlands, well ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed rental company in the UK. We are the only sunbed rental company that cover the whole of the U.K. When you rent a sunbed from ECS it’s a simple process and we only offer Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds when it comes to hiring a lie down sunbed. For renting a stand-up sunbed, then we supply the American Leisure V48, this stand up is in more tanning salons across the U.K. than any other stand-up. When you rent a sunbed from us you get free repairs and free servicing.

ergoline 800 sunbedAll of our rental lie down sunbeds are fully refurbished, come with a new set of lamps and a token meter to operate it. When you hire a stand up from ECS Sunbeds, they are mostly brand new and even if you were to receive a refurbished sunbed, the chances are you are going to get one that is 12 months old. So for stand ups and lie downs we can not be beaten. All our sunbed rentals are available on a 12 month contract, thereafter it automatically changes to a rolling 28 day contract. After the initial 12 month contract you can cancel your sunbed with a simple 28 day termination email. All our tanning equipment are available with Bluetooth as an optional extra and the stand-ups are available with colour motion.

When it comes to retubing your sunbed, after 600 hours of usage you have a choice. You can either

  • Purchase your lamps from ECS Sunbeds at a discounted price, along with FREE fitting.
  • You can purchase your lamps from an alternative supplier and fit them yourself or you can use a qualified sunbed engineer to install your lamps.

All the tanning lamps that go into your rental tanning beds must be EU 0.3 regulated. Any tanning lamps fitted into your rental sunbed/s by anyone else (other than by ECS Sunbeds), ECS Sunbeds will not be held liable for non-compliance. Any damage to our rental sunbeds, whilst it is being retubed by any engineer, (unless it is ECS Sunbeds), the client will have to pay for the repair.

When you rent a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds you will receive a free welcome pack that contains a selection of sunbed lotions and sunbed accessories to help you get started. So if its hiring sunbeds, renting Ergoline sunbeds, hiring Megasun sunbeds then ECS sunbeds are your best choice. If you are looking to hire a brand new stand-up without signing a 3 year rental contract then ECS Sunbeds are your perfect choice when it comes to anything rental or hire sunbed wise.

For more information or advice you can call our sales team on 0151 924 6344.