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How to buy an Ergoline Sunbed

Are you thinking of buying an Ergoline sunbed for your tanning salon? If so, then call U.K’s largest, commercial Ergoline sunbed supplier, ECS Sunbeds today.ergoline-1100-prestige

With over 25 years of experience in the sunbed industry, we consider ourselves to be the experts in both advice on how to set up a tanning salon and also, we offer which commercial sunbeds are better suited for your tanning or beauty salon. Of course, sunbeds are a great addition to any gyms, hotels, and other leisure outlets. When purchasing a sunbed, it is always best to bare in mind what type of sunbed you require. For instance, are you looking for a lie-down sunbed, where clients can visit and relax, and unwind while obtaining a luxurious golden tan, or are you looking for a stand-up sunbed bed, for example in a gym after training clients just wish to top up their tan and carry on with their busy lives.

When buying a sunbed, always check with the experts about what sunbed will fit in your salon or gym. There are lots of sunbeds that come in a range of sizes, so you may be limited to certain models. Another thing to bare in mind when buying a sunbed is reliability. You want to purchase a sunbed that will take the riggers of daily use, on an average day your sunbed will be in use for around 5 to 6 hours per day. Ergoline sunbeds are a brand that is renowned Worldwide for reliability, elegance, and incredible tanning results, purchasing an Ergoline sunbed is the best choice to make. Simply by calling ECS Sunbeds, we can offer you expert advice on room size, ventilation, and electrical specifications for your Ergoline sunbed.

When purchasing a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds, you are not only buying a sunbed you are also buying our aftercare. We offer warranties on all our sunbeds and even when the warranty has terminated, our customer service team will be more than happy to help with any repairs, issues or just simple advice on whatever the problem may be. We do not leave any client stuck in the mud, that’s why we are the sunbed experts and the county’s largest supplier of reconditioned, commercial sunbeds.

To find out more just call our team on 0151 924 6344 or complete the contact form here