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How to Open a Sunbed Shop

 Are you thinking of opening a sunbed shop or salon? Then ECS Sunbeds can guide you and give you all the essential information you require. ECS Sunbeds started in the late 90s by opening a large chain of sunbed shops, which they kept for over 10 years. We are aware of all the pitfalls and mistakes that can be made. Due to our vast experience in salons and being the largest sunbed company, in both renting sunbeds and selling fully reconditioned sunbeds, we are the best positioned to advise.

There is lots of advice on the internet about how to set up a sunbed salon but here are a few pointers that we would recommend:

Shop premises:

Try to find a salon that has good, well-lit parking, most of your clients just pop in, tan, and leave. They would not wish to spend 5 minutes driving around looking for a parking space. Also, when you are looking for a salon, try to find one near shops that open until quite late. A lot of salons are situated by off-licenses, newsagents, convenience stores, etc, it is always recommended to look at these locations as it encourages a lot of people to traffic between the shops and a tanning shop.

Planning your salon:

Always bear in mind how many machines you expect to have, then you can space them out properly. Make sure the entrance is wide enough for the machines to be installed. The next thing is the electricity supply. Contrary to belief, you can operate sunbeds on single-phase and three-phase, it all depends on how many machines you require. If you have two sunbeds, then a single phase is ok. If you have more than two sunbeds, you will require a 3-phase electricity supply. Always get a quote for the 3 phases if that is what is required. Do this before you sign any lease as 3 phases can be quite costly.

ECS Sunbeds ShowroomSunbeds:

Deciding on what sunbeds you are going to have, it’s always advisable to check whether you are going to rent sunbeds or purchase them. ECS Sunbeds are the largest supplier of rental sunbeds and fully reconditioned sunbeds to purchase. When purchasing sunbeds, you are going to get a better range to choose from as opposed to hiring a sunbed. When renting sunbeds you get free repairs, servicing, and free retubes after 600 hours of usage, this saves you around £500 per bed – per retube. When purchasing sunbeds from ECS Sunbeds you will receive a parts warranty, a new set of tanning lamps, and a token meter to operate your machine. There is a lot more information than what we are putting into this blog, we are just giving you food for thought and considerations for you to bare in mind.

At ECS Sunbeds, we will sit and go through your floor plan with you and advise on the best locations for your sunbeds to be situated. Advice on cubicle sizes you would require for all types of sunbeds is available. We can guide you through every step such as how many lie-down sunbeds you may require and how many stand-up sunbeds you require. You will receive all the electrical specifications that you will require, along with all the ventilation guides that will be needed, you can check here.

We also have a large range of sunbed lotions from all of the top manufacturers, along with lots of sunbed accessories such as client record cards, eye protection, floor mats plus much more. Here at ECS Sunbeds, we have the largest sunbed showroom in the UK where you can visit and see the tanning machines in person. Whenever you’re embarking on a project such as opening a tanning salon, it’s always best to speak to the experts. Call us today and start your journey on 0151 924 6344 or you can message us directly from the contact page here.