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Sunbeds to rent, sunbed hire, sunbed rental, hire a sunbed, are you looking to add a commercial sunbed to your existing business, or are you thinking of opening a sunbed shop and need to rent sunbeds, or maybe you want to purchase sunbeds? Well ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed rental company in the UK, we specialise in Ergoline sunbeds, and Megasun sunbeds, and for stand-ups, we use the American Leisure sunbeds. This amazing stand-up sunbed is the most used in salons across the UK, it has optional extras such as Bluetooth and colour motion, all our sunbed rentals when it comes to lie-downs are fully reconditioned ones when hiring a stand up they are brand new from American Leisure. When you rent a sunbed from ECS Sunbeds all the servicing, repairs, and retubes are free.

Hiring sunbeds is a simple process, we only ask for a 12-month rental contract, thereafter it goes onto a rolling 28-day contract, after the initial 12 months you can return the sunbeds with a simple 28-day notice. Sunbed rental is a great way of getting premium sunbeds at very little outlay, usually, Ergoline sunbeds and Megasun sunbeds are extremely expensive to buy so renting a sunbed is a fabulous way of getting your salon up and running with exclusive sunbeds. ECS Sunbeds are the only sunbed rental company that offers Ergoline and Megasun sunbeds on rental. The American Leisure stand-up is a 48-tube 2m stand-up, it’s designed to run all day, and it’s manufactured for the rigors of day-to-day tanning, the colour change on the sunbed is an amazing addition it makes the sunbed stand out.

All the rental sunbeds are retubed free after 600 hours of usage, at the same time we always service the machine, we inspect the sunbed for any potential issues and should we find any we rectify them at the same time, sunbed breakdowns are a natural part of having sunbeds, whilst it’s frustrating and sometimes can be annoying, at ECS Sunbeds we do our very best to get to you asap as down time for you is not something we at ECS sunbeds want. So if it’s renting a sunbed, hiring a sunbed, purchasing a sunbed, or you’re looking for sunbeds for sale then ECS Sunbeds are a perfect choice, join the UK’s largest sunbed rental company today and get peace of mind.

If you would like to find out more just call 0151 924 6344 and our team is here waiting to answer all your questions