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Rent a Sunbed

Are you looking to hire a sunbed or rent a sunbed for your salon, ECS Sunbeds is the largest sunbed rental company in the UK, when you hire a sunbed or rent a sunbed, from ECS we are the only company that services, repairs, and retube your sunbed when you hire a sunbed. ECS Sunbeds only use top brands when it comes to hiring sunbeds, we use Ergoline sunbeds for sunbed rentals along with Megasun sunbeds for rent. For stand-up sunbeds we use the American Leisure stand-up, it’s the most sought-after sunbed when you rent a sunbed, and 50% of tanning salons in the UK have the American Leisure stand-up.

ECS Sunbeds ShowroomWhen you hire a sunbed from ECS sunbeds it’s a 12-month contract thereafter it goes to a rolling 28-day contract, after the initial 12 months you can return your sunbed at any time with a simple 28-day notice for return. When you rent a sunbed it’s the perfect way to get top-quality sunbeds for little outlay, all our rental sunbeds are fully refurbished to a high standard, and when you rent a stand-up you will receive a brand new sunbed, where can you get brand new stand ups from without spending thousands and paying over 3-4 yrs on a credit agreement, well when you rent a stand up from the UKs largest sunbed rental company that’s exactly what you get.

ECS Sunbeds covers the whole of the UK and has been doing sunbed rentals for over 25 years, we are the only company when it comes to hiring a sunbed. You can also visit our showroom, it’s a purpose-built showroom containing all the sunbeds to hire along with the reconditioned sunbeds for sale, our expert staff can guide you with all your questions such as room size, electric specifications, and ventilation, we also stock a wide range of sunbed lotions as well as sunbed stationary, so if you are looking to hire a sunbed or rent a sunbed then ECS Sunbeds are the perfect partner for you.

No one else can offer the Ergoline sunbeds to rent or hire a Megasun to you with all the backup service you would expect from a sunbed rental company, contact us today and kick start your dreams today. If you would like to find out more about renting a sunbed then call 0151 924 6344.