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Renting Sunbeds for Your Salon

Renting a sunbed is one of the best ways to get new or fully reconditioned sunbeds into your salon.

ECS Sunbeds are the largest sunbed rental company in the U.K and we hire sunbeds to salons, hotels, gyms, beauty, and hair salons. We offer fully reconditioned Ergoline Sunbeds along with Megasun Sunbeds for hire. If it’s new stand-up sunbeds you are looking for then the American Leisure stand-up is also available to hire. When hiring a sunbed, it is essential to find a company that will take care of the repairs and servicing, at ECS Sunbeds we offer this service.

When it comes to retubing your sunbed, after 600 hours of usage you have a choice.

You can either:

  • Purchase your lamps from ECS Sunbeds at a discounted price, along with FREE fitting.
  • You can purchase your lamps from an alternative supplier and fit them yourself or you can use a qualified sunbed engineer to install your lamps.

All the tanning lamps that go into your rental tanning beds must be EU 0.3 regulated. Any tanning lamps fitted into your rental sunbed/s by anyone else (other than by ECS Sunbeds), ECS Sunbeds will not be held liable for non-compliance. Any damage to our rental sunbeds, whilst it is being retubed by any engineer, (unless it is ECS Sunbeds), the client will have to pay for the repair.

 For one monthly payment, you have no worries about your sunbed equipment, whether you’re hiring an Ergoline or a Megasun you have total peace of mind.

Ergoline 600 Evolution

All our contracts are 12 months in duration, thereafter a rolling 28-day contract will follow on. After your initial 12 months, contracts can be terminated by simply emailing us with a 28-day notice of termination. If during mid-contract, for example, 6 months into your 12 months you choose to hand your bed back to us, there will be a termination fee. All our equipment is either new or reconditioned to a very high standard and ECS Sunbeds are the only company in the UK to hire Ergoline sunbeds. They are the biggest brand of sunbeds worldwide; they are renowned for reliability and performance, they also have body moulded acrylics on some of their sunbeds giving clients a truly relaxing experience. For stand-up sunbeds, we have the American Leisure stand-up. It is reliable and is unrivaled along with the tanning results. American Leisure stand-ups make up a third of all stand-ups in the U.K today. They are manufactured for reliability and results; they can withstand the rigors of a busy salon and have no issue operating time after time.

When deciding which sunbeds you would like to hire, along with what ratio for example; how many lie-downs and stand-ups, always chat with us before you make your decision. We have over 25 years in the sunbed industry, both as a sunbed sales and rental company and as a company that owned a chain of salons, putting us in the perfect situation to guide you. Our experienced sales team can advise you from start to finish, from setting out your floor plan to room sizes, ventilation, and electric specifications. at ECS Sunbeds we also stock all the latest sunbed lotions and stationery that will help you get started. Planning your sunbed shop is one of the most important parts of your journey to opening a sunbed shop, you need to make sure your sunbed rooms are the correct size, so the sunbed fits properly and can be ventilated. If you, further down the line, decide to upgrade to a bigger bed you will not want to be having to knock down walls, etc. So, the correct room size is essential.

Room ventilation is one of the biggest issues in sunbed salons today. Whether you’re hiring an Ergoline sunbed or renting a Megasun, ventilation is a key factor. All modern sunbeds have temperature sensors that cut the bed off if it is in danger of overheating. Many years ago, the sunbeds that were available in the U.K were basic sunbeds that didn’t have lots of fans, they didn’t have sensors or some of the additional options that sunbeds have today such as aqua, air con music, etc.

Sunbeds today are far more advanced and therefore require certain conditions for them to operate correctly, plus they are designed to give your clients a relaxing experience and a deep, luxurious tan. Apart from the sunbed operating correctly, if your bed runs too hot it will shorten the life span of your tanning lamps and in some cases, it can make lamps faulty by blowing them. Always remember it is not the case, as people think, that hot lamps make for a good tan, the best tan is from a sunbed that runs at the correct temp and the lamps operate at the desired temperature.

When it comes to electrical specifications for operating sunbeds, we offer comprehensive guidance and can take the hassle away from you by speaking to your electrician and going through it with them what you require along with where to position certain things such as isolation switches, etc.

So, if you are looking to open a tanning salon or add a sunbed to an existing business then ECS Sunbeds are your perfect partner. We also have the UK’s largest sunbed showroom where you can visit and see all the sunbeds we have available. If you are thinking of hiring a sunbed or want to rent an Ergoline sunbed or Megasun sunbed, or simply want to add a stand-up sunbed to your gym, hotel, hair, or beauty salon, then we are the best company for you.

To find out more just call our team on 0151 924 6344 or complete the contact form here